I’m Goin’ Back (unfortunately not to Hogwarts)

As I am preparing to leave home and return to school for the spring semester I would like to first highlight the things I love about home.

In my last post I talked about being able to cook.

In this post I would like to bring up my other few favorite things at home.

First of all being my books:

Shelves One and Two (somehow I couldn’t get far enough away to take the pictures of the bookcases, there is one more shelf on top each of these bookcases).

I need a third bookcase, these two are full and I’ve plenty more books.

But anyways–I love being near all my books.

Secondly–My queen sized bed. It isn’t made currently so there is no picture but having room to sprawl out while sleeping is  a definite perk.

Thirdly–I love playing board games with my Dad. His collection is quite impressive–this shelf goes back quite a few feet, and it is all stuffed with board games. Some of my favorite include Tikal, Princes of Florence, Caylus, I really like Dominion, and quite a few others.

Fourthly I enjoy having Satellite DVR tv on a flat screen

Fifth–Bathtub (take a good look at that razor… I am convinced that it is the devil.)

And sixth–CANDLES!!  Not being able to burn candles at school is extremely depressing, so to make up for it I always have one burning when I am at home.

Oh and as long as I am at home: Here is proof of how ridiculously large my tiaras are. And in perspective:

Trying to explain them to other pageant people does not quite do them justice, lol.

And on a final note before I finish packing:


(Not that anyone would )

So have you all seen the movie Sabrina? Well if you have not there is this part where a man sits on two champagne glasses and consequently must have the shards of glass removed from his ass.

(See how I rhymed there?)

Well this has not happened to me.



Today when I was taking a shower I decided that it might be kind of nice to take a bath as it is my last day here. So I plugged up the drain, and gripped onto the sides of the tub to gracefully lower myself down.

Well apparently as I was sitting I knocked my razor off of the bathtub’s ledge.

As it hit the tub bottom the plastic cover flew off, and as fate would have it as I was sitting down it landed, blades up, directly under my derriere.

I immediately jumped up and grabbed the offended part, and could feel a huge crater in my previously perfect buttocks.

I took my hand away and blood was streaming down my hand.

I had just put shampoo in my hair so clutching the injury with a rag in one hand and furiously washing my hair with the other I finished my shower. I went through a bit of toilet paper soaking up blood and managed to one-handedly get on my robe so I could run into my room to figure out something a little better. (I couldn’t just run to my room in the buff because our live-in uncle was floating around somewhere.)

I couldn’t find band-aids at first so I taped a kleenex over the wound using my blush palette’s mirror to check out the wound. It was pretty garish.

I called my mom to ask her where the band-aids were (I didn’t want to run around the house looking for them holding my butt in one hand and my robe closed in the other because I would probably run into the aforementioned uncle) and before she would tell me she demanded to know what happened and refused to take delicately worded euphemisms for an answer. When it all finally came out she just sat there laughing at me for about three minutes as my bottom gushed blood.

When the laughter died down I was able to get the location of the band-aids out of her. Luckily they were in her bathroom upstairs and my uncle was downstairs so I ran across the hall, shut the door, and dug around for the band-aids.

When I found the box there were only small band-aids and I needed a rather large one. After practically dumping out everything in my mother’s cupboard I found one large band-aid which was the perfect size for my bloody butt.

I put some anti-bacterial cream on the laceration and tried to wipe it down before applying the bandage.

In order to see the cut I had to get up and stand on my parents bathtub, and bend down and turn around backwards to see myself in their mirror.

I applied the band-aid but apparently the anti-bacterial cream used up all the stickiness on the bottom part of the band-aid. Never one to be put off by simple dilemmas I used a small band-aid to stick down the bottom of the big band-aid.

Now, whenever I sit down, it is awfully uncomfortable.

All I can say is that I really hope that this doesn’t scar. I really don’t want to have to explain this my whole life.

You had better appreciate your bathtime.

That is all.



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