Bring back the ’80s!

I’m all about the BIG HAIR this year. I have been trying out different styles, but mostly they have just been BIG.

Also, as a huge fan of Gossip Girl every time I watch it I go all crazy dark with the eyeliner. I’ve pretty much been Little J all year (although I have been pulling the Blaire with the head bands….and even a little Serena. I pretty much am that show.)

Here is a Serena/Blairy day.

First day of school, some Little J I think.

Top is a little cut off, but my New Year’s look was all sass.

I am so happy that my hair is finally growing out.

While we’re on the Gossip Girl binge:

Thanks to some friends I am so addicted to pop now. At first it was embarrassing…but now it just makes me happy.

Another show I have fallen in love with: GLEE!

You can’t tell me you weren’t expecting that.

So you know how I was learning the Single Ladies dance for fun? Well I was about 80% learned but it has been a while so I need to pick it back up.

But for now the cast of GLEE can do it for you.


I watched the season over Christmas break, so with some Christmas money I immediately bought Season One.

Since then I have watched it all the way through probably about 4 times, in an effort to instill a love for musical theatre into my peers who never appreciated it.

And it is working.

GLEE is spreading like wildfire throughout the campus. Pretty much all thanks to me.

And it makes me SO HAPPY.

The interest is so fervent, I have at least 10 people who have agreed to be in a glee club. So we are starting one.

This is legit. And it won’t quit.

And by the way–if I get cast on GLEE (they are holding open casting calls if they ever send out the information) I am outta here!


Emilie Esther-Ann

is a star….

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