Exercise, cupcakes, choir retreat, no sleep

As many of you know I often lament about my physical appearance, and while I’ve had every intention of being proactive and working on the problem, until now I have been remarkably unproductive on this end.

Not so anymore, dear friends.

Because, now I have found myself a reliable workout partner (not to mention friend) in Emily and a “personal trainer” in Jake.

He was kind enough to write out a workout schedule for us that should keep us healthy, help us become toned, and keep us balanced.

Because I am not sure if you are aware of this, but singers have to be extremely balanced in order to be at full potential and not cause tension.

Worried, Emily and I asked the advice of our Vocal Pedagogy teacher Charles (who is an amazing teacher and singer himself, and one of the best pedagogues in the area).

He advised us not to do sit ups, because people whose abdominal walls are too firm find it very difficult to expand their abdominal walls in a way that is necessary for proper diaphragmatic breathing for singing.

He explained that it is very important for singers to be in shape, but not to be bulked or overworked.

Also–in lifting weights a singer must be extremely careful to procede properly, breathe, and NOT GRUNT OR CREATE NECK TENSION which almost everyone does. Breathe out when lifting and it is better to do more repetitions at a lower weight rather than less at a higher.

It’s very important to observe these things, because every day a million and one things can screw up your voice, and I don’t want to add another thing to the list.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to say all of that…


Our workout routine is as follows:

3 days a week (it’s all we have time for)

Day one: Upper body and cardio

Day two: Legs and cardio

Day three: Core and cardio

It is about an hour each session, and there are specific exercises and repetitions specified (by our friend Jake) for each session.

We have just started on the official program, and so far have completed Days one and two. Day three is today.

It is strange how good I feel afterwards.

We are also eating a certain amount of each food group at every meal with only one treat a week.


The choir retreat last night was death on that, but starting today it is back on the straight and narrow, I hope 🙂

When we showed up the first day to work out, we had on identical outfits. Not on purpose.

Proof positive:

We are apparently eerily similar, and people are starting to notice.

We stayed up until 2am two nights ago making cupcakes for the choir retreat.

Last night I stayed up until 2am watching 27 dresses and then talking with friends.

Today I have dance rehearsal for the musical, then workout time, then concert with world-renowned guitarist Paul Gilbraith.

Tomorrow I am *drumroll please* hosting a superbowl party.

I am less than thrilled.

But apparently all of my freshman boy residents really love football, and the TUB is not putting on a party like they were supposed to, so I am it.

I wonder how mad they will be if I bring my sewing down there? Maybe knitting is a better idea. And definitely homework. Blegh.

Oh and I am learning all sorts of things in vocal pedagogy, and I love conducting. I have two lovely batons, and it is very possible that I whisper spells under my breath at the other people in conducting when the teacher isn’t looking, and I am not the only one.

Oh and earlier this week I made the reapplication posters for RES LIFE with Ande, they were modeled after THE OFFICE.

See ya!



2 thoughts on “Exercise, cupcakes, choir retreat, no sleep

  1. I love this post! I love our matchy photo, your outline of our “theoretical” workout plan, and the office photos are great! I woke up this morning with a burning desire for a bacon cheeseburger, and I am going to go ahead and indulge, even though that is NOT what I should be doing. I figure that this intense starvation feeling from weightlifting has to go away or become more manageable and some point, and when I reach that point, I will stop eating cheeseburgers. 🙂

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