The curtain goes up

Tonight was the opening night for the show I am directing, Duet For One.

It went very well.

It runs through Saturday, each evening at 7:30 pm.

In the Krieilsh.

On other news: I tried to avoid this for as long as possible but I am officially sick.

Sore throat, some dizziness, wicked headache, nasal congestion out the wazoo, etc.

It is most unfortunate.

I think I’ve become a little….un-responsible lately.

I’m not prepared for NATS which is next weekend.

I skipped convocation today to take a nap since I feel like crud.

I haven’t written my fugue yet…oops.

AND I am out of ink in my printer and haven’t ordered new ink yet.

I am just…so tired.

People keep asking me what I want to do with my life, like graduation and such.

All I can say is…I don’t know.

Everybody wants me to go in a different direction, I want to go in about a hundred different directions, and I’m freaking out about money and being able to pay off my loans and pay for housing and food and such.


too much for my poor, overworked head.

So to end this pointless ramble, come see my show!



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