I believe that we must know our past in order to form our future, but that sometimes we must forget/ignore our past in order to change our future.

I believe that mushrooms are disgusting but I love them on pizza.

I believe that every woman should be happy in her own skin, but I am unhappy on a daily basis with my appearance.

I do not particularly care for children but one day I hope to be a mother.

I believe that it is important to recognize diversity, but I believe that diversity training creates more problems than were originally present.

I believe that rules and laws are made for a reason and ought to be followed; I also break the rules that I think are unnecessary.

I believe that one should respect authority; I also believe that people in places of authority need to earn respect.

I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt, but I also believe that there ought to be a limit to grace.

I believe in pcs, but I am sometimes jealous of how pretty macs are.

I believe in my first impressions, but I also believe in change.

I believe in God but not in religion. Or rather, what religion has become.

I believe in honoring tradition but I despise pageantry for the sake of appearance.

I love the dresses and talents in beauty pageants, but I think that beauty pageants are extremely damaging for women everywhere.

I love violence in the arts but I abhor violence in real life.

I believe in respecting all life, but I also believe in using your resources.

I don’t believe in aliens, but I really wish that they exist.

I believe in naturalistic theatre, but I also love campy musicals.




3 thoughts on “Ambivalence

  1. This is probably true.

    This was an assignment for playwriting today, we had to write down statements of ambivalence, and eventually write a scene featuring one or two of the statements. So we were supposed to write firm beliefs.

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