I’ve been bad lately…

They were on sale…but still….

The pic does not quite do them justice, but I really love the Sinful Colors collection.

And even worse I had a slight mishap. It is all better now but here is what happened:

I have never had a more ridiculous spill in my life. But a bottle of nail polish remover later and it is all better.

Things have been odd lately.

1–nail polish fiasco

2–I burnt my fingers on a cookie sheet and have a nasty blister. (A friend and I were attempting to remove the cookie sheet with a fork and tongs…we didn’t have a hot pad. It was a bad idea.)

3–Yesterday during workout time and a walk on the Cheyenne trail I think it was called with Emily I got this giant blister on my left foot. (My tennis shoes are weird and in the bottom are these inserts that serve as the soles but apparently one was a little pulled back and rubbed on my foot)

4–After I got back from my workout, while trying to answer the phone, I stepped on a steak knife and bled all over and I  thought I was going to die. But I cleaned that up too and I am fine.

5–I’ve had this dreadful sickness and it made me lose my voice, but I can talk now and I WILL be able to sing tomorrow I am determined.

Stressers–convocation tomorrow, NATS on Saturday, 100 voices choir concert on Saturday, flute recital on Sunday, then flute adjudication next saturday.

Reliefs–the show I directed is OVER! Now all I have to do is act 🙂

Now the memorization break is over and I am back to memorizing Preguntale a las Estrellas.

I know I won’t make it to Dove Sei, Amato Bene tonight.



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