Spring Break so far

Saturday: Rehearsal    +burrito bus

-not really being needed for the second half of rehearsal

Sunday: Dog Show        +vendors

+Emily getting a really cool offer for a doggie

-the actual dog show part

Monday: Sleepover     +Costco hot dog and frozen yogurt

+fun movies

+some knitting

-I never ate a corn dog 😦

-earlier in the day not getting everything done I should have

Tuesday: Home day

+bulletin board is almost done

+some things got packed

+trash got taken out

+Nice talk with Hannah boss

+Got a ride home

-Did not get homework done

-Sore from water park

-Really tired

-Gleeathon with Jesse got canceled

In the future:

=Errands/Homework/LINES/movie with mom/conducting the band tomorrow

=Flute/Voice practicing…I am behind

From the library I got this four-disc cd collection called “The Brit Box” of British Indie and alternative bands. I pretty much love it.

I sewed a dress this week, it is simply lacking a zipper for completion.

I think my megavideo has finished being timed out so I am going to watch some more Merlin before I fall asleep.



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