DivaCup: The Review

Many people asked for a follow up once I had the chance to use the Divacup and the following post is my response.

If the intricacies of the female cycle and body disturb, disgust, perturb, or bore you then skip this post.

To review: I bought this

a while ago. My reasons for purchasing this device are in a previous blog entry so scroll down.

So let’s start with the negative points first:

1–if you’re squeamish and don’t like to touch yourself (THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!) then this isn’t for you

2–The first insertion was really weird

3–The first time taking it out was a little awkward

4–It has to be washed (but I don’t really think that’s a bad deal)

Now on to the positive:

1–NO SPILLAGE my entire period, something I somehow never manage to avoid with tampons (especially overnight!)

2–No odor

3–I got to measure my flow and actually see what menstrual blood looks like, it was really cool in a geeky way

4–No mess in taking out

5–Not very bad cramps (compared to usual)

6–easy to clean

7–the divawash was really soft and it smelled good

8–Once in correctly I could not feel it at all, and I was able to exercise without worry

9–No irksome tail (string) hanging out all over the place

The first insertion was a little strange and didn’t quite work. The second time worked like a charm and I had no problems after that. I did discover that the punch fold worked best for me.

I watched several youtube videos before using the cup and they really helped.

HOWEVER a few of the videos suggested that I re-fold the cup while pulling it out and I strongly advise you not to. It caused discomfort on the first pull. Instead, I found that just rocking it back and forth gently and quickly eased the cup out.

I am 100% satisfied with this product and I intend to keep using it forever. If I keep it in my purse I won’t run the risk of running out, and I won’t have to do the awkward under-the-bathroom-stall tampon shuffle anymore.

Finally this entire process has really interested me in the body, natural healthcare, and in mapping menstrual cycles. I just think it is so cool and I want to learn more!

If this has grossed you out…

grow up.



6 thoughts on “DivaCup: The Review

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  2. Wow, I’m seeing more and more positive reviews about menstrual cups and other alternative menstrual products! This is great to see that one by one, female views of handling their menstrual cycle is slowly changing. Although this is by-far any major breakthrough, every person counts and your reviews will probably help many women make an informed decision!

    The menstrual cycle and the female body as a whole is very beautiful and there’s much to learn. I’m glad that you’re taking the time to be in-tune with your body!


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  4. Pingback: DivaCup: One Year Review | Sincerely, Emilie

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