The ME List

So a while back I posted my Guy List and I have decided that the only responsible thing to do would be to as blatantly lay out my positive features so as to be easily accessed by my future soulmate.

I mean…just because he hasn’t come knocking on my door yet doesn’t mean he isn’t looking.

I’ll give him some help!


So without further ado here are some reasons why I am quite the catch….



Ok here goes.

1–I am a proud owner of a completely intact V-card and I intend on keeping it that way.

2–I am quite funny AND witty (and I come up with a lot of good one-liners)

3–I can take care of ALL of your crafting needs. (Sewing, scrapbooking, building things, collage-making, embroidering, drawing, photoshopping, etc.)

4–I can cook and bake very well

5–I am very intelligent

6–I am mature but I that doesn’t mean I’m not fun

7–I can write well

8–I am very good at managing time well

9–I am not clingy

10–I love a lot of different types of music, especially broadway, rock of all kinds, alternative, indie, pop…

11–I have excellent personal hygiene

12–I am generally patient

13–I like to sing and dance around the house all the time (and I view it as a good thing)

14–I am very good at keeping on top of things

15–I manage what money I have very well

16–I love lists, budgets, planners, and planning

I don’t know if these are quite the things that ought to be on this sort of  list.

Any of my readers have any suggestions about what I could add?

By the way–I have officially lost 2 inches around my waist!!!

It may not be that visible, but I am trying really hard to cut down on portions, eat better, very rarely drink anything other than water and tea, and exercise regularly. I admit official exercise hasn’t happened the last two weeks because of musical rehearsals but I am quite active in those and I do have tours practically every day which is an hour straight of walking and climbing stairs. It isn’t as good as Jakercise but it will do until the show closes.

Don’t forget that Once Upon A Mattress Opens Friday April 9. It runs the 10, and then the 14-17. The 14, Wednesday is pay-what-you-will.

The show is located at the State Theatre.

Admission is $10 I think, and $6 for seniors/students.



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