Today I once again proved my baking prowess by creating the most beautiful cinnamon rolls.

It was a process that started at about 4 and ended at about 9:30, but it was well worth it.

The rolls are larger than my fist, and are quite beautiful.

I am going to have one tomorrow morning for breakfast.

The other one is for my mother.

My dad can’t have one as he is diabetic.

I can only have one because I am trying really hard to eat well but as tomorrow is Easter I am celebrating by eating a heart attack.

I hope they last tightly saran-wrapped until Monday because I want to take them to the mic check to give to the cast.

I’m a little worried for next school year. I’ve only been home half a day and I’m already looking forward to being back at school on Monday.

But the way I figure–I’ll rarely be home during the week and I can visit with friends on the weekends.

I hope your Easter weekend is going well.



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