Pipe Dreams

I dream that one day I will be able to:

–work on film and television

–be able to pay my bills with my art

–get published (whether that be fiction, playwriting, or something else I’m not sure)

–Have a beautiful marriage

–Complete the bridge when shuffling a deck of cards

–Look in the mirror and think only positive thoughts

–Write a song, and have it mean something

–Play the guitar

–Sustain a beautiful B natural

–Weld metal

–Make things that are of a high enough quality to sell on Etsy

–Pay off my school loans

–Own my own house

–Paint well

–Be a positive influence on those around me



5 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams

  1. I’ve decided to be a psychic and tell you that it’s going to happen Emilie! But seriously – you can totally do those! I’m excited to see them happen!

  2. Maybe because I learned to do them at the same time, I thought everyone who could shuffle could bridge, so I had to make sure you weren’t talking about some extra fancy step. lol

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