Things are looking up

I’ve decided I might not be a miserable failure at life anymore!

Last night was the Hope Concert, and my solo in Up to the Mountain went really well.

Today I had juries and both flute and voice went pretty well. My F# sounded GORGEOUS today, I would just like to say.

All I have left to do this semester:

–Edit 3 plays

–Vocal Pedagogy Final on Monday

–Finish my Gad the Musical composition (write in chords for the piano part)

–Floor meeting & tie dye event


I am so excited, I am almost done! I am feeling so good that I am going to take the rest of the day off from important work.

I am going to take an hour’s snooze and then check out Springfest. Then i will pick up the duty phone, go to dinner, and then read or perhaps watch a movie and start packing before desk duty.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I am rushing towards it.

This year has FLOOOOWWWWNNNN by. I feel like maybe a month has passed since school started, but that obviously is not the case.

I apologize for this boring blog post not being up to my ordinary standards.

In order to compensate:

Troy took this video of some of us RA’s trying out the “cotton candy” pudding that was purchased for our end-of-the-year carnival event.

It may have been one of the more unpleasant events of my life 🙂

That is all for now.



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