I will probably receive much hatred and pent up rage for this post, but as I am completely honest about everything else I feel that this must be said.

The speed limit is the speed LIMIT. No more is legal (we’re not counting passing).

In fact, in inclement weather and other poor conditions drivers are encouraged to drive a little slower.

Therefore–I reserve the right to drive in the fast lane going exactly the speed limit and no more. If I wanted to drive in the slow lane I would be driving under the speed limit.

The word limit does not mean that 60 mph on the freeway is a nice jumping-off point, a guide line, or friendly suggestion, it means that if you are driving above it you are breaking the law.

I don’t think that law-breakers should be allowed to intimidate me into capitulating and moving over.

So if you ride my tail for miles and then pass me on the right (which is not safe) as quickly as you can I will not be shamed or embarrassed. I will be proud in knowing that I forced you to go the speed limit for a few miles.

So everyone who does not want to be bullied into speeding simply because they enjoy driving in the left lane, take a stand for speed-limit-driving!



13 thoughts on “SPEED LIMITS

  1. Pretty sure what my drivers ed instructors taught us was that 60 was the right lane, and for each lane to the left you add 5 miles per hour…

    I typically stay in the middle, and I’m lucky on I-5 to go 60, with the bad traffic right now…

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  3. My general rule of thumb is that if I’m not hurting anyone or slowing anyone down, it’s probably OK.
    But then, I come from a state where the speed limit ends.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the courtesy of understanding that your interpretation of life is different from other interpretations, and in that spirit of understanding, live and let live. Forcing unsafe behavior because you feel exempt from common courtesy on the road will probably cause more accidents than just letting them speed.

  4. I told you that I would have to leave you hateful comments for this, because I don’t share your view, and therefore, it is totally appropriate for me to leave harassing feedback under and anonymous name. However, I will take the high road and state, calmly, and under my rightful name, that I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU AT ALL AND YESTERDAY I WISH YOU WOULD HAVE JUST GOTTEN OVER INTO THE RIGHT LANE WITH ALL OF THE OTHER SLOW DRIVERS. That is all. I am glad that we can agree to disagree.

  5. The left lane is considered the passing lane, and the right lane isn’t the slow lane, but where you should be if you happen to be driving slow. If you notice signs referring to such, they will say “slower traffic keep right,” not “drive slower in the right lane.” Cops will actually pull you over and if you’re really unlucky ticket you if they see you driving in the left lane for too long, because you’re blocking the flow of traffic. It is common driving courtesy to get back over in the right lane if a car is approaching from about 50 feet behind you. Plus, all cars can vary about 5mph on their speedometer. For all you know, yours could be slow and theirs could be fast. Either way, if they want to risk getting a speeding ticket, let them. If they dangerously pass you in the right lane, what else are they supposed to do if you won’t get back to the right? It’s not your job to regulate traffic.

  6. Thanks all for your comments! πŸ™‚

    I agree that driving too slowly and holding up traffic can be just as unsafe as speeding recklessly, and just as illegal.
    I do, however, still hold to the fact that if I am slowing down traffic because I am driving at the speed limit then there is something wrong.
    This is another “In Emilie’s world” scenario. In Emilie’s world the fast drivers would be the ones going 60 and the slow drivers would be the ones going 57.
    It is not that I never ever speed, I simply wish that speeding were not the norm.
    It’s like inflation–if everyone starts driving 65-70, then going 60 becomes unsafe.
    There are then 3 options–break the law, change the law, or follow the law and be hated and potentially “dangerous.”
    All of these options could lead to potential ruination.

  7. Dear Ms. Emilie,

    I applaud your honesty and agree wholeheartedly that you should stick to being legal.

    I will admit that from time to time in my impatience I have cursed many a driver for driving too slowly, but when I take that cleansing breath I remember that there is a reason for the limits. I don’t have to like them, but I need to abide by them.

    And a suggestion for the next time someone drives in a harassing manner, it’s called 911. Road rage is a crime in this state. You just need to decide if it is worth taking that route.

    Again, bravo for sticking to your beliefs in this matter.

  8. Ok, so really here I am one of those drivers who comes up on your ass in the “fast lane,” which is actually the passing lane, because I was in the right lane trying to get past somebody driving 50 mph. Which is fine but ON THE ROAD you will see signs KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS in big bold black letters. That is why you stay in the right lane unless you are passing, really why are you in the left lane unless you are passing! If you are in the left lane going 60 and not passing anyone that is breaking the law, your are messing up the flow of traffic. SO PLEASE just go back to drivers ed or read the manual that says “stay right on the freeway except to pass.” Also it states that you are not to interfere with the flow of traffic.
    Mind you that speeding isn’t the norm because most people actually do go the speed limit unless you have annoying people in the left lane where you are trying to pass, then that creates rage and speeding. I am done ranting. Stay in the right lane unless you are passing.
    Plain and simple.
    Love Jake

  9. It is against the law in Washington state to drive in the left lane. It is a passing lane. As in for passing other cars. If you are holding anyone up there you are breaking the law:)

    I applaud your stubbornness. And law breaking.

  10. Washington State has a Keep Right Except To Pass law. No matter what speed you are going in the left lane, if you are obstructing traffic you are breaking the law. I know two people who have been ticketed for this.

  11. haha I am totally on the opposite side of this! I think if you’re going to go 60 in a 60 stay to the right! Because I want to go 65 πŸ™‚ And pass you…

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