Dear Attention all Mill Creek Residents:

If you own a dog…keep it in a fence, on a leash, and well behaved. If your dog cannot handle a pedestrian walking by without charging out of their yards, barking their heads off, and following said pedestrian all the way up the road then you should probably not be a dog-owner.

Dogs are only as well-behaved as they are trained to be.

It is a disservice to the community and completely irresponsible to not teach your dogs some manners.

In addition, if you do not keep your dog contained (i.e. within a fence, on a dog run, etc) you are contributing to an unsafe environment. And no, yelling at your dog to come back after it has already charged at and knocked a pedestrian over while you are drunkenly lounging on  a truck bed is NOT good enough.

Usually every neighborhood has one bad dog that the children are frightened of and the adults have to squash the desire to kick it in the face (or kick its owner in the face) every time they walk by. On Mill Creek RD however, there is an evil trailer-trash dog about every 20 feet.

I used to think that I hated dogs, but now I am starting to realize that it is only badly-behaved dogs that I hate and unfortunately there have been so many of them surrounding me that I thought this was the way all  dogs behaved.

Thank you Robbie the Weimaraner for helping to show me that this does not always have to be the case!

I am also starting to change my opinion on children, and don’t be offended, but I think the reason I disliked children is because, like dogs, I have seen a lot of terribly behaved children in the past. (This is also due to bad parenting.) I am nowhere near ready to have children of my own, and I probably won’t be volunteering to babysit anytime soon but it is refreshing to know that I am not the world’s most awful person.

Weekly Shelton Update #1:

The first week (albeit a short one) at home has been…testing. I hate not having a working car. I can get where I need to in Shelton if I walk and have a couple hours to spare, but I cannot get anywhere else. I am getting really worried about the next month in which I will mostly be at home. I am trying to get out for  walks and I do have some work on Fridays, but I am already feeling a little bummed about not being on campus and having to tell my parents where I am going, what I am doing, who it is with. Having to beg for transportation places really grates on me.

I could buy a car right now (a cheap one) but it would probably not be a wise decision because if I purchased a car I would not have enough money for insurance and gas right away. I am just going to buy brakes for the truck, have Dad install them, and hopefully drive that until I can get my own car. My parents don’t seem to like this idea, but it’s either that or chauffeur me around to classes and work. Ugh.

I’m getting a little depressed already–I miss being around everyone at SMU; people who respect me and treat me as an adult and view me as a competent human being and a vital part of the community. Not the person making a mess at home, and not mowing the lawn as well as they do and not knowing that one of the ovens is broken.

Ok–time to SNAP OUT OF IT.

I am going to cook some breakfast, finish cleaning up my room, do a little work to the basement, and then get outside.

I need to breathe.



4 thoughts on “DOG OWNERS (PSA)

  1. Luckily, said pedestrian has completely recovered and there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage to her right butt cheek.

    I also just died laughing because apparently I was too freaked out by the charging dogs to realize that they had an intoxicated owner lounging in a truck bed.

    Also, I just really hope that Robbie the Weimaraner has not been scarred for life, that he can realize that yesterday was an isolated experience, and the world is not really such a terrible place.

  2. I take it back. The whole right side of my body is out of whack from landing so hard on the pavement. Even my ample padding could not completely buffer the shock that went through my body. I am going to at least need a chiropractic adjustment, if not corrective surgery. I smell a lawsuit.

  3. drunk owner + dogs = awesome.

    And as a parent I have to say there is a drastic difference between children who have behavioral problems due to bad parenting and plain wild children. The hardest part is labeling the two. How much of it is your own biases? Children are children and while you can guide them you can not control them and sometimes when you try that becomes a real problem. Children are nothing like dogs though a lot of adults treat them the same.

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