Heels V. Flats

Today’s topic:

The great foot debate–to wear the hot heels or the more sensible flats?

My answer, dear friends, if in doubt always go with the heels.

You may ask why?

Why are a few vain hours worth the potential back problems and quite probable calluses?

I will tell you why.


When a woman wears heels she exudes confidence: her gait improves, no longer is she the shy wallflower or the awkward twitterpated youth, now she is a gliding WOMAN sure of herself and her goals. This woman holds her head high, she breezes past obstacles that may have stumped her if her line of sight was a little nearer the ground, and d*** her legs look good!

I have noticed (not only in myself) that a simple pair of heels can change the outlook of the entire day.

Take yesterday for example: I was at the mall with my  mother. I had left the house earlier in the morning knowing that my hair looked good, that I had been losing weight, and that my makeup was outstanding. I also knew that I would be doing a lot of walking at the mall so it would be wiser if I wore flats. So I bravely pushed aside my beautiful heels that would have gone perfectly with my outfit and opted for the comfortable flats instead.

After an hour of walking in those shoes I was certain of several facts: 1–I was so much fatter than I had thought that morning (even though I was trying on sizes much smaller than I had been a few months ago) 2–My hair looked absolutely terrible (even though it had not changed one bit from that morning when I was sure of how cute it looked) and 3–My outifit made me look like a style-less freak.

After grumbling in my own head at how bad I looked I had to stop myself and figure out what the problem was.

The only thing that had changed since my earlier evaluation of my appearance was simple–I had been picturing my outfit with heels. One teeny little difference of 2 or 3 inches was enough to ruin my entire day.

Other examples: In multiple rehearsals I have come wearing flats and have not been able to perform the same way I do when wearing heels.

I have noticed in other people women around me this same change. They will come in one day in flats and have a merely passable day, but then the next day they will come in heels and everyone will start to notice them.

This is not shallow– I am not merely talking about outside appearance. I am talking about the underlying confidence, the feeling that what you are doing is right. Yes, you too can get this from a pair of heels. (Almost like how our buddy Harry felt after drinking the F.F.).

ATT: Women who do not know how to walk in heels with proper balance and posture–I will give you free lessons!

And if you spend your whole youth worrying about how you are screwing up your body for later than life–knock it off. There are totally surgeries that can fix things..or if not there will be. And in addition–according to Hollywood we aren’t going to make it past 2012 so you should start building your confidence now.

Don’t hate.



8 thoughts on “Heels V. Flats

  1. I have horrible balance and always feel like I’m going to fall over when wearing heels! Except the one fake character shoes from payless. I can do those for a short extent, but they make me like 5’9″ and I feel like I’m towering… lol

  2. I totally agree with this post. I am a fervent believer in heels; whenever I am weighing my shoe options and I ask for advice, I usually have my mind made up on heels instead of flats, and usually feel like a million bucks when I do wear them! Love you Em!

    • Yay! You and me–heel buddies.
      And by the way, we need to hang out. I am not sure when as I have tons of free time but no transportation…but I am missing you.

  3. YAY! I love heels! I wear them as often as possible! I have tons tons tons of them too! 🙂

    I totally agree that they make you feel more confident! I always feel better in my best pair of heels than I ever would in flats!

    Plus, as you wear them more they definitely become more comfortable than flats (especially true with platforms).

    Yay for heels! 🙂

    ps. I also know that feeling of feeling like you look good one minute and then everything can change in a store dressing room. It’s awful!

    I’m sure you looked fabulous though- you always do! 🙂

  4. How did I forget to stop by and rage about how much I hate this post? 🙂 Sadly though, all of my righteous indignation has passed and I have nothing to say.

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