Mike McGowan=delicious

Yesterday my friend EMILY and I went to see Candide at the 5th Ave in Seattle due to some tickets that my sister was unable to use.

We had an absolute blast.

And I may have fallen in love.

With Mike McGowan.

In the musical Mike portrayed Maximilian, Cunegande’s gay brother, among other roles.

His self-absorbed swagger, Malfoy-esque bleach blond locks, rippling muscles (not TOO muscley but just enough for me to ogle while his shirt was off) perfect Prince Charming proportions, lovely voice, and stage presence were quite enough to turn our heads.

But then something wonderful happened, something which made the women sigh audibly–he came back on stage with these tight, shiny, knee-high black boots. This might not sound like that big of a change but it took him from hot to inhuman in only a few moments.

Can I just say SWOON!

Here he is at Broadway World and here he is at IBDB (the broadway version of IMDB).

These photos are not doing him justice, I just suggest you go see Candide so you can get the experience for yourself.

The show was really fun, the technical side was really tight and the use of the set coordinated with the cyc was very impressive. I love seeing how much can be done with a simplistic(ish) set.

Honestly my biggest disappointment was in Cunegonde herself–she had an absolutely lovely voice and appeared to have an extremely successful career; in Candide, however, she appeared merely as a pretty voice and almost a placeholder on stage. She threw away so much of her role, indeed I did not get the feeling she had a solid character.

I was also disappointed in The Old Woman. She had a lot of great moments, but she also squandered quite a few of her best jokes.

All of that being said the show was excellent, very professional, and well worth the admission price.



P.S. This whole event reaffirmed in my mind several things.

1–I can never be with a man who is not also in theatre and music–he just won’t understand so much of me if he is not.

2–Confidence (and boots) can be really sexy.

3–Always go to the bathroom before the show begins, you won’t make it through if you wait until intermission.


Before the show started I was reading the bios and I stumbled across Mike’s headshot.

“How do I know if he’s hot if I can only see half of his face? What if my perception is being influenced by the air of mystique surrounding him and he isn’t as hot as I think he is?”

In the future I will not doubt the hot-ness of half-shadowed headshots.

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