The Mileybird

A rare and mysterious creature has recently taken America by brute force: enter, the MILEYYYBIIIIIRD!!!!

I am sure all of you are familiar with the name Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) if not some of her career landmarks.

I used to be a Disney Channel a-holic, therefore I have followed Miley with special attention ever since her first appearance on the Disney Channel.

Her career has been surrounded by what some people call scandals (I call them teenage rebellion, and I love it)

–The Vanity Vair “oh my goodness I can see the skin on her back” photos

–The alleged “pole dance” at the VMAs (nothing more then a quick dip that happened to occur around a pole)

–The bootylicious short shorts she insists on wearing (and with legs that nice who can blame her?)

–Oh and the most recent performances she’s been giving. Everyone says she kissed one of her dancers on stage, she said she was “rocking out” .

and lately, many of those stick-in-the-mud parents have been offended by Miley’s latest persona from her Can’t Be Tamed single, the Mileybird (or so she’s been dubbed by media).

Do you all remember Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce?

Well, to me, the Mileybird is Sasha Fierce on avian steroids.

And I love it.

Here is her vid:

The thing I really dig about the vid?

Ever since Gaga came out with her last couple of videos, artists have been turning out videos that are simply weird for the sake of being weird and no longer tell a story that relates to the song.

Miley’s video is what non-believers label as artistic but it still has a viable plot and makes complete sense with the lyrics.

Working with your material instead of against it makes your video strong, working against yourself by completely disregarding the song you released for the sake of “weird” makes your piece weak and not worth the title of art.

Go Miley, I am proud of you. And I love the MileyBird.

Side note:

I love Gaga’s theatricality but I was enormously disappointed by her latest video for Alejandro.

I’ve read several of the director’s comments about what different things were supposed to symbolize and I think that if I were really stoned, and drunk, and half asleep, and half blind I might buy it. As I am none of these things, however, I would like to hear your reaction to the vid:

Here’s what I got: Nazis, Gaga is an alien, sci-fi romance between Gaga alien and Nazi? or not?, Now some Catholic imagery, pretty vague. Oh. Look. Dry humping for several minutes. Some partial nudity, pointless. Ok more Nazis, more sexual images that seem to have no point, and oh, look…Either Gaga’s possessed or getting exorcised. Or she’s ascending to a higher state of being (if we are still going with the sci-fi theme.)

If you got that eating the rosary was her yearning for spirituality and her glowing possession at the end as her decision to become a nun and discard Alejandro…well… congrats to you because I sure didn’t.

And as long as we are on the subject of music videos–

the latest for Adam Lambert for IF I HAD YOU:  Unfortunately you have to follow the link to watch it, but you should. It’ll make you twitch 🙂

It’s like a rave on the ’80s–and Adam looks a lot like the Goa’ould from the original Stargate movie :  (There are scenes where this bad guy has more eyeliner on, but I couldn’t find a good picture.)

EDIT: Never mind, he looks WAY more like Skaara.  Right movie, wrong person.

But again add the eyeliner.

And lastly, on the subject of recent videos: Katy Perry’s California Gurls.

1–What is it with pop artists and refusing to spell words correctly

2–This is an example of what I would call reaching I think. It is done in a mostly cute way, but the story line is completely whole-cloth and does not mesh well with the song. Luckily they added a beach in the end, otherwise it would have been completely unfortunate.

Some of the imagery is cute, some of it complete rip-off (or what pop would call tribute).

KATY PERRY // Official Website //.

My reaction:

We’ve stumbled into Candy Land.

There are random girls trapped in bubbles (Labrynth shoutout anyone?)

Oh, more random nudity.

Now a girl is in plastic wrap? This is very Dexter.

Oh the cookie is sad. Now it’s happy. Ok that’s cute, I buy it.

The cupcake boobs are very Madonna. And a  little too much for me.

Is Snoop Dog the evil overlord of Candyland? Maybe he’s Mr. Licorice…I always liked that guy.

Oh thank goodness finally a beach.

The whipped cream boob stream. Way too much for me to handle.

I’ve never seen the movies, except for clips, but isn’t that an Austin Power thing only with bullets?

Long story short–scenery is pretty, video is pretty awful.

Sorry if you couldn’t make it through all of the pop, but that is my take.



4 thoughts on “The Mileybird

  1. I like your reviews of the videos! I haven’t watched the Katy Perry one yet, but it sounds very ridiculous. Possibly scary. haha.
    The only thing I have to add, is that apparently in Alejandro the ‘sex acts’ with the guys on the twin beds white in the spotlight (And many other things in the video) are a nod to Cabaret. I don’t know if that makes it any better, but it does seem to make sense.

  2. I honestly couldn’t handle the mileybird. Kinda felt like she was not nearly rebellious enough to pull that off and a little too much of a copy cat of say… Disturbia? Then again, I’m not a Miley fan at all. Sorry 😦

  3. haha oh gosh. Miley… I have no feelings toward her- neither positive or negative. But this reminded me that the other day I saw a blog post titled, “Can someone please tame Miley Cyrus?” and it made me laugh. 🙂 the video is pretty weird. 🙂

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