Tankdress and rompers and jumpsuits oh my!

Lately sewing has taken a backstage to other projects–namely organizing and reading.

No more, ladies and gentlemen, no more.

Coming my way straight from ebay (for half the price of the pattern on simplicity) are two beautiful patterns!


The skirts on here are not particularly inspired, but the shorts! Oh the shorts, I have great plans for the shorts. I intend to make a normal pair, and then, with sewing magic, I am going to use the shorts as the bottom half of a romper! Yes, you heard me, I am going to make my own customized rompers. I know many of you may not get my fascination with this fashion trend but let me assure you they look wonderful on me.


I am in love with EVERYTHING in this pattern.

Let me point you to the first photo, yes that is indeed a romper! (here titled a short jumpsuit.)

The tankdress is a cute and comfortable leisure outfit.

Then the drapey shrug and the full body jumpsuit. I am in heaven. Many of you backward-thinking folks may be shuddering at the mention of the jumpsuit (I have indeed seen several heinous ones in my time) but I am completely confident that this one will not fail me.

The final asymmetrical lounge-top looks so comfy and cute; while the package may depict my least favorite fashion faux pas do not worry because I am very acutely aware that leggings are not pants.

Although with innovations in the undergarment area like the camelflage:

who knows…

But for now, I will be wearing the leisure top with pants (or short shorts and tights.)

I am quite stoked to have some more sewing projects on the table, and I will attempt to tackle the fall things (like a raincoat) later on.

Have a fashionable evening,



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