New Things I Love…

My new gladiator sandals:

Also, my new ankle boots (which I like to dub my Robin Hood shoes):

The Dresden Files:

This is a well-written fantasy/detective series which follows Harry Dresden, Wizard P.I.  Excerpts and other goodies can be found HERE. It is hilarious and gets more intense as it progresses.

I’ve also been loving this yoga class Emily introduced me to.

I had tried yoga once before at SMU but it was structured simply as a tough aerobic class which was not what I was looking for. This class is also challenging, but it is at a doable pace and focuses on the balance of rest with the challenge of the stretches.

I also love Sara Bareilles’ new music video for “King of Anything”. I think it is adorable.

Follow this LINK to watch it!

Girl with a Pearl Earring:

I’ve really wanted to watch this movie for years but I just finally got around to ordering it from the library.

It did not disappoint.



2 thoughts on “New Things I Love…

  1. If I make you a better spinach smoothie, will it become one of your new favorite things? I am so sorry that one wasn’t the best.

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