Money Bags

Here is the story of how I spent about $400 in one day:

Breakfast: $4

Books: $22

Lunch: $5

Lesson: $60

Top: $13

Shoes: $32


Dinner: $3

Philosophy: $232

Monday: Expensive

1–This is the most I have ever paid for foundation (they were out of the one I’ve been using, which is less expensive) so if this doesn’t work I will probably think about doing something quite drastic. Like return it.

2–This is also the most I have paid, personally, for a pair of shoes, but they were my dream Elle Woods shoes (and I do have a clothing scholarship…)

3–Of the book money, only a small portion of it was spent on me 😦

4–I was running very late so I had to purchase my meals, even though I had been intending to pack them.

5–School is expensive.

I don’t know that I have ever spent so much money in one day before.

All I can say is God bless my upcoming paycheck, and God bless the Indians!



3 thoughts on “Money Bags

  1. Returning expensive cosmetics is not drastic! Its all part of the package deal. Use it for a week or two then return it for the product you usually use! Its as simple as “I really love ______ product”.

    And where are you finding shoes for that cheap. Super sales?

  2. Clearance Macy’s shoes.
    But I seriously never spend that much on shoes! Haha I think we had totally different upbringings when it comes to shopping 😀

    I need to work up some more courage when it comes to expensive cosmetics…I have a serious complex.

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