Basement Days

This weekend and last, I spent some considerable time in my favorite haunt–the basement. No, it isn’t the Rusty Chic decor, or the near-glacial temperatures that keep me coming back. The basement is where all of my sewing and crafting tools have been relegated (along with anything else that doesn’t fit into my bedroom which is, let’s face it, a lot of stuff) and when I get a chance I love to lock myself down there.

In addition to watching two and a half seasons of Smallville, here is what I accomplished:

1–A purse for me.

(sorry for the terrible photo)

A matching clutch will be forthcoming, but I keep getting sidetracked.

2–A photo tent (box):

Which can take pictures like this (not a good example, I need to find a better way to light the box, I was just balancing a desk lamp on top of it. Eventually the pictures will be much better in quality.):

3–Matching shams for two of my mother’s pillows:

With the same fabric (given to me by my lovely grandmother) I also made

4–Crazy Flower pants:

It is difficult to tell anything about them in this photo, but they are very cute.

I also am about 85% done with a dress, but it still needs some tweaking so I will not post a picture.

Now I must jet, I hope your weekend was as productive as mine!



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