Look What Is Coming My Way!

NewLook (Simplicity) was having a $2.99 sale on patterns and look at what I invested in:

I am very excited for this cape, I have a lovely light plaid material that shall make a cozy cape for me to wear in the winter.

My friend Kimmi once told me that, unlike most people, I actually can pull off the half-jacket. I’ve never forgotten that comment (thanks!) and as I love wearing half-jackets but only have one, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I also like the coat as well, if I get the perfect fabric I will make that up as well.

While we’re on the subject of half-jackets…. Here are some really cute ones. I also have to cover my shoulders for second-work, so here is a great pattern for some jackets I can make up however I like.

I need something to wear with all of my coats and jackets, so here I have a cute top pattern. I like it because it embraces the breezy look on top, but comes together to highlight my waist.

I love a-line skirts, and I’ve had this desire lately for some long ones. More importantly, for my sister’s birthday I promised her a fish-tail skirt and I never followed through…Oops…

And finally, this lovely skirt pattern. Two basic skirts, many different styles, all adorable.

Other sewing projects on the table:

1–A laptop and camera case for my sister

2–Place mats for my mother

3–A dress I am not quite finished with

No, I have not yet made a romper (I don’t have quite the right fabric, and I am trying to make things out of the fabric that I have), but I HAVE made a pair of pants from the shorts/pants pattern, a purse, and am almost done with a dress that came out of the same package as the romper pattern.

I am not certain when I will get time for all of these projects as school starts on Monday (my Senior year of college, ack!) but they will be completed. First I will finish the dress, and then the stuff for Hannah. After that probably the coat. I have no timeline, just a long list. I also have to add my Halloween costume to that–I am going to be a Stingray!!!!!

Have a lovely afternoon,



4 thoughts on “Look What Is Coming My Way!

  1. Ooh those clothes are cute! The New Look we have here (I don’t know if they’re the same company, but they have the same name at least) has clothes that you can’t really wear once you hit adulthood, they’re all a bit juvenile, but those are adorable!

    I especially like the look of that pink short jacket about half-way down.

    • Thanks, I love these patterns too.
      NewLook is an offshoot of Simplicity sewing patterns, it’s just another line on their website. I ordered offline. Some of their patterns are really cute, some of them are so so.

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