R.I.P. Summer…

…now get the heck out of my way.

You’ve probably heard me complaining about summer–how much I hate it, how it feels like a waste of time, and how I long for the academic grind, so you will be relieved to hear that my Senior  year in college starts on Monday.

Yep, you heard me, I’ve only got one more year, (two semesters), and then I am going to be tossed out into the world with a piece of paper proclaiming my wonderful feat, and more loans than I know what to do with. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? And, like every sane person, I am hoping to add to that stack of loans if I get accepted into grad school.

In this last year I am looking forward to many things:

1–All three of my recitals

2–My last SMUsical (which, this year, is Grease. OH, auditions are on the 7th and 8th of September at SPS if you are interested.)

3–More time with my friends and professors, learning a lot, and learning myself.


There are also many things about this year I am not looking forward to:

1–All three of my recitals.


3–My course load is, as always, daunting.

4–Paying for the books that my scholarship couldn’t cover.

5–Being done with SMU.

This school has been such a wonderful blessing to me–it was exactly where I needed to be. The close community has allowed me to make many dear friends, and network, the teaching has been (mostly) exemplary, and I’ve finally started figuring out who I am. At least a little bit. When I first came to SMU I wasn’t sure why I was so set on going here. After all, I wasn’t Catholic, I couldn’t afford it, and my parents worked only 15 minutes away. To any rational mind, it sounded like a crazy idea. Thank goodness I listened to that tiny voice that said, “You need to go here” and not all of those other loud, boisterous voices yelling at me to run away. I hope that as my life continues I am still able to be led by that voice who seems to know better than everyone else–including myself.

I don’t know what else to say at this point, but I just thought I should give a nod toward the fact that this is my last fall of being without a college degree. (Unless something drastic happens…)



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