I need=I want=Ego Gratification

It started raining today.

In case you didn’t notice.

This made me happy, and sad.

I was happy because now it truly feels like fall–I was sad because I do not yet have a lovely umbrella to keep me dry.

I have an ugly mini-fold-up umbrella, but I would rather get wet than carry that around.

I am facing a dilemna. Everyone is telling me that $30 is too much for an umbrella. But what if the umbrella looked like this?

or, my second choice, like this?

I am in quite the quandary. I really think that I need that top umbrella, but is that me being irresponsible? I’m usually sooo good I feel like one splurge wouldn’t be too bad, and it is quite functional.

What do you think?

While we’re on the subject, here are a few other things I would really love to own:

All images via amazon.com

So what is your verdict folks? Cute umbrella, or frugal nasty I-hate-my-life umbrella?

I may listen to you, I may not.

But I’d love to hear your take.



11 thoughts on “I need=I want=Ego Gratification

  1. If you stick with the “ugly” one that you have you can save that thirty dollars to go toward the Brother Embroidery (?) machine!

  2. Having an umbrella in Western Washington you’d want a cheaper one. The gusts we get with stronger winds and rain ruin umbrellas easily. I wouldn’t want you to ruin a nice umbrella.

  3. This is easy. You Live in the PNW so you NEED an umbrella. A quality umbrella that will last longer than one rainy season. If you use that thirty dollar umbrella every day from October to May it might as well be free. 16 cents a day and that is a deal.

    Also from experience. Cheap umbrellas don’t survive wind storms and get lost easily. More expensive ones are more resilient.

    • I love this! You and Emily are the best for proving to me that it is ok to buy better quality items. You’ll be pleased to know I bought it!

  4. 1.) You deserve it

    2.) $30 in the grand scheme of life is nothing. (You can justify almost any purchase this way. This is always my go-to rationale, after “I deserve it!”)

    3.) $30 is a wise investment, if you consider how often you will use said umbrella.

    4.) Just think of how dissatisfied you will be with anything other than the true object of your desire.

    5.) Not getting this umbrella may very well ruin any experience with another umbrella. It isn’t fair to the inferior umbrella. It will so know that it was second choice, and it will most likely take that out on you.

    6.) Do you know what that would look like? It won’t be pretty. Second choice umbrellas are known to be vindictive…perhaps it will cave in and smack you in the face and get you soaking wet and cause you to tumble into the mud and the grass and the ick all before formal convocation or some such horror.

    7.) You deserve to be happy

    8.) The other Emily has a really sensational umbrella, and she is a pretty neat person, so being in the company of sensational umbrella people can’t be such a bad thing.

    9.) We live in Washington, which means that an umbrella is an accessory that is needed on a very regular basis. This means it is your responsibility to choose something that will make a positive statement.

    10.) It would be silly not to purchase something that you are so excited over, when it is reasonably within your price range.

    This is not the normal pattern for my rationalization of purchases. It never takes me 10 steps to convince me that “I deserve it”, but I know that you and I have our differences, so I crafted all of those lovely reasons just for you! 🙂

    • #1 doesn’t really work for me…by itself…but all ten of these together are impossible to argue. You are SO RIGHT. I deserve it, it deserves me, it will last longer, and I DON’T want to ruin some poor second-choice umbrella’s life by constantly being disappointed in it simply because it cannot live up to the image of the umbrella I really wanted.
      Also…our umbrellas will look lovely together when we have to walk to the Krieilsh in the rain from the softball lot.

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