Evil Sickness Sprites

You may have seen my open letters to the current Sickness Sprites who are suddenly, and for no good reason, plaguing my existence.

If you happened to miss my remonstrances on Facebook, here they are again.

Letter #1:

Dear Evil Sickness Sprites:
You seem to be taking the music department (and the university) by force and until this hour I knew I would escape. Then I started feeling off tonight. I’ve been chugging airborne like no other, and I am letting you know I am going to bed now and I REFUSE to be bested by you. Tomorrow I will …wake whole and well, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Letter #2:

Dear Evil Sickness Sprites:
Ok. FINE. You win the battle. But today I am taking myself out of the fight to do some strategic planning (ie sleep and fluids). Tomorrow–I will win the war!
A truly peeved (and pained) Emilie.
Now I’m back to bed.

Last night I was dancing my socks off at Grease rehearsal for a few hours, and on the drive home I suddenly developed a sore throat. It was just a calm, nagging pain, and I thought that perhaps I was dehydrated.

By the time I got home it was a little worse, and I realized that there may have been some signs signaling trouble earlier in the day–my voice was not as easy as it could have been, I started off the day with the most ridiculous energy (almost feverish) that by about 4pm just abruptly disappeared leaving me a little drained, and my sinuses had been a little funny the day before.

Silly little me, putting my trust in positive thinking and airborne, when almost every person around me was sick. At least five students who I see daily, and a professor, and a boss had all been sick. I resolutely denied the possibility of the sickness affecting me, but alas my body was not quite as immune as I had thought. I am determined to return tomorrow in better health however.

Today when I woke up my throat was literally on fire, and any sound hurt, while singing was out of the question. As about 3/4 of today was to be made up of singing, I decided to email my teachers and directors, and go back to bed. I woke up from another three hours of sleep, still feeling a little tired and still in pain, but not able to sleep any longer.

Negatives about today:

Sick, missed class, work, and will be missing rehearsal. My battery charger for my laptop is only working intermittently, I need to buy a replacement.

Positives about today:

More sleep, caught up on last night’s Glee episode, watched Letters To Juliet with my mother (who came home sick halfway through the day, which made me think someone was breaking into our house), rotated my mattress (which I need to embroider month labels for, as Martha tells me), washed my bedding, practiced piano, and will hopefully memorize more words for voice (without singing or speaking them), and finish my book which was due at the library two days ago. I would also like to finish cataloging my books, and perhaps take another nap or at least go to bed early. Oh, and I suppose I saved some gas.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have OFFICIALLY lost 20 POUNDS since the inception of the IE & Y exercise plan! Go me!

I seem to have used up my burst of energy, so I think I will go drink some tea and read my book. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a second….

Please, do your best to ward off the Evil Sprites of Sickness by staying home if you are contagious, and by taking all of your vitamins and getting plenty of water and rest.

*Sidenote: I have heard that the Evil Sprites of Sickness are avid haters of exercise, which may be a key factor in why they felt it necessary to target me.

Stay well.



2 thoughts on “Evil Sickness Sprites

  1. Be careful about ‘chugging’ Airborne. Two tablets represents the maximum suggested does of Vitamin A. You would have to take quite a lot to get to overdose, but still.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I was just being dramatic about consuming airborne, I’ve just been taking one tablet a day.
      I wonder what the side effects of a Vitamin overdose would be? I probably don’t want to find out.

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