Mini Me

I mentioned yesterday that I found some old photos of myself in the basement.

Today I procrastinated homework and scanned a bunch of them in to my computer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be as amused by them as I am. Without much further ado, here are a bunch of pictures of me:


You can tell, even from a young age, my opinion of most sports:

Even from a young age, I’m smiling with my eyes. Tyra would be proud:

My flair for fashion is already showing itself–check out the luscious bonnet:

A fabulous hat, and, could that possibly be, a romper?!!:

My brother and I in the snow (I took the cold very seriously):

Here I am looking adorable on the beach, with two random children whose identities are a mystery to me:

Unfortunately, this picture was obviously not taken in appropriate lighting, but here I am back when I started piano lessons. It’s a pity I stopped taking them for so long:

First Grade Emilie, which I remember because I wore my dress in that school photo which the evil photographer told me to hold my “mother goose” book higher, when it was really a science book about weather. I was so horribly offended:

The beginning of my acting life-choice (well, actually, a few years in):

I’m not certain what this getup is, but I definitely think that it is fabulous:

Back when Marisa and I were best buddies, and I had a pool in my back yard (but check out our pose!):


I loved that tutu, I wore it everywhere. I wore it under my overalls to church, I wore it OVER my overalls at home. I’ve always loved this photo, and I kind of think it is hilarious that my mom took such a butt shot (and check out my legs. Seriously):

My cousin Chelsea and I at some family camping trip, I am in the blue, she is looking toward the camera:

And, my absolute favorite, a photo from one of my birthdays. My mother woke me up early to give me my presents (and a tiara) and then promptly snuck  a picture. I was not amused:

I suppose I should actually study for my midterms now, but I am just having so much fun NOT studying.



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