Transfixed by falling rain: random thoughts before bed

–I love hearing the rain fall on our skylights; there is nothing quite like knowing that I am surrounded by nature, able to luxuriate in its beauty, but sheltered from its harsher side.

–My feet are in need of a serious makeover. The dancing I have been doing in preparation for Grease has torn them up a bit.

–I love my legs, and I am so thankful for them. Even on my fattest of days, I look down and they bring back at least a little surge of confidence.

–Life is beautiful, the universe is so kind, and I really am so much happier than I was last year. I didn’t even realize that I was as unhappy as I was last year (until the end), but looking at how giddy and positive I am every day now, I am shocked to realize what I was missing last year. I feel as though I am getting back to my core self finally–that beautiful, happy, glowing Emilie that used to be such a shining ray of sunshine has re-arrived. I lost sight of her for a few years, but now she is back in full force and not going anywhere. True, I am not happy all of time, things and people irk me, and I am not perfect. But even when bad things happen and I am unhappy, I still have this deep-seated peace motivating my actions. I’d forgotten what inner peace was like. Sure I still fight with my brain sometimes, but my core? It is radiant.

–There are so many beautiful and wonderful and intriguing people in the world, and I am excited for meeting more of them every day.

–Six days until my birthday, and Google satellite view just showed me exactly where the Lacey DMV is. Isn’t technology neat?





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