S is for Saturday…

Today I…

Scrubbed my bathroom

Scoured my bedroom

Sat at work while manning the desk

Got covered in Sawdust

Stitched some pants

Salivated over bean soup

Saw LOTR: Fellowship  while Sewing


Sorted my freshly laundered clothing

You may notice a couple of changes on my blog today–

1–A new header. I still wasn’t happy with the last name change, we will see how long this one lasts. Once I get a picture of me as Rizzo I will add that to the header so that the pictures of me are balanced.

2–A new, exciting,  update on my “Healthy Me” page!


I also bought another wonderful pattern for only $4 on Ebay when the absolute cheapest I could find it anywhere else was $10! (retail is $15.95)

When I purged my closet recently I discovered an alarming shortage of shirts. This pattern will remedy this (provided I either have or can find some inexpensive fabric.)



Also, using my Excel knowledge, I have set up a spreadsheet which keeps track of my spending in different categories so that I can monitor myself a little more closely. I love spreadsheets so much!

I am also determined to start putting $150 a month into savings for after graduation. This is very little money I know, but it is actually a giant chunk of how much I make a month even working four part-time jobs. (Which is kind of pathetic 🙂 )

Finally, the part I am sure you have all been waiting for, only FOUR days until my birthday!

Have a lovely evening, I am off to bed.







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