Last Chance 20

As today is the last day I will be 20 ever (unless if I get mummified or turned by a vampire within the next hour or go through a hole in the space-time continuum) I am going to do a cheesy 20-something blog post. How could I resist?

Let’s see…twenty very random things:

1–I have a sand garden, (thanks Angela!) two dream catchers, two rosaries, three saints medallions, and a zen dragonfly rock on my room. I’m not disrespectful, but I think that all of these things are beautiful and very similar in both intent and function.

2–I’ve still never seen all of Titanic.

3–I am very girly but in my spare time I do things like wire outlets, rip stumps out of the ground with a truck and a claw, work in the wood shop, lift weights…

4–Sometimes I forget where I am because I get so caught up in my thoughts–and my imagination.

5–I often times have long fantasy-adventure (fantasy the book genre….not the other kind! geese!) dreams which will pick up where they left off the night before.

6–It’s almost impossible for me to walk past a reflective surface without checking myself out–not because I want to see how hot I am, but because I want to know what I look like so that I can use that on stage.

7–I’m quite sleepy right now, but I shall persevere to number twenty because I am a dedicated individual.

8–I used to always hate goals, but now I am finding them to be quite useful (and rewarding as I am actually succeeding at them now.)

9–Vegetables are my new best friend. I don’t like them all (someone is going to have to explain squash to me), but the ones I eat I am starting to love! My taste buds are finally going green, and I am loving it.

10–My feet hurt.

11–I love dirty pop and gangsta rap songs. Oh! and heavy metal/screamo.  (And, unfortunately, I am also loving pop-country.)

12–My life’s  blood is actually musical theatre. (And straight theatre. And music. And writing. And dance. And art. And collaging. And sewing. And dry embossing. And organizing. And spreadsheets. And blogging. And Candles.)

13–I’m all about feelings. (Do what feeeeeeels right.)

14–I love my friends and family, and I love that because they are my friends and family I can not like them sometimes.

15–I love my birthday. OH! and! It is almost Christmas!!!! (which I love second only to my birthday but at a very close margin.)

16–Life lived in the now is quite delicious. Why wait around for things to get great when they already can be right now?

17–Some days I have doubts, but today is not one of those days.

18–I still need a new planner…

19—Office supplies are some of the most ingenious and beautiful things known to man-kind. That, and buildings. And ballgowns.

20–The last 20 years have been crazy. The highs have been high and some lows have been really really low. I think I am starting to figure out a teeny bit of who I am every day, and I am so extremely excited for all of the years to come. I used to be intimidated by the unknown but at this point I am embracing it. (Also, while I groan out loud at cheesy greeting cards and cliches, there is a part of me inside that loves how pat and neat they are.)


Finally, thank you, few but faithful blog readers, and hello to any internet transients who might stumble upon my page. You are a huge part of my life and I want to thank you for that.


Have the best night that you’ve had yet all week,




p.s. Did I mention that I am so happy I don’t live in a tent or a pump house anymore?

3 thoughts on “Last Chance 20

  1. I can’t believe how connected we are. That is all I have to say about this post. I get you, you get me, this such a lovely arrangement.

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