Delicious, isn’t it, the crisp October air?

I love that, in general, my Friday nights consist of sitting quietly at work and then going home, doing homework, and sleeping.

This Friday, however, Angela has some sort of shindig up her sleeve, so I am quite at her mercy. Never fear, I shall make excellent life choices as always. After all, I have two concerts and a prayer service this weekend, not to mention dance rehearsal for Grease.

Speaking of Grease (brilliant segue I know) it opens in just over two weeks. If you would like to purchase tickets ahead of time (as I am sure you would because you are coming, right?) you can do so at OLYTIX. Don’t get shut out due to sellout!


A few days ago I stayed up far too late editing one of my plays which will be given an official, SMU-sponsored, reading in December (along with a play written by the lovely Jackie, titled Cherry Flavored Chemistry.) I have been working on this particular play ever since last April, and since then it has probably had about fifteen major revisions and the same amount of titles. I am still not sold on the title, but I think I am down to a list of about ten to choose from. The draft is almost presentable, I’ve just a tad more tweaking to do before the reading. I tell you all this because I am awed and astounded that I have been working on this play for so long, yet it still has so much further to go. This gives me hope for a couple of other writing projects I have been working on. It also humbles me, and shows me even more how much I love creative writing. Because, the thing is, the more I work on it, the more I want to work on it (and on other pieces I am currently writing.) I am definitely going to be incorporating creative writing into my FUTURE!

(Did you like the all caps, bold, and ending exclamation point? I take my life very seriously.)

I’ve no particular point to this rambling post, and I ought to apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m not sorry. There are some days when you simply have to revel in life and all that it contains. Things continue to be rosy and glowy for me lately, and I am so thrilled that this year is this year and not last year. I’ve always heard that your junior year is your worst, and let me tell you I can certainly say that from my experience, in many ways, my junior year was embarrassingly low.

As I’ve decided not to go to Grad school anytime soon I’ve left off my GRE practice (although reviewing the math was a lot of fun. I love math! I miss math! I wish I had to do math…)


In conclusion, thanks all for the assorted and sundry birthday gifts, greetings, and well-wishes which include but are not limited to:

-a camera


-many, many cupcakes


-an ipod

-beauty products

-A classy bottle of wine and a Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade

-“Dog Days” by Jon Levitt which I am currently reading, let you know what I think

-A beautiful scarf, earrings, and dark chocolate!

-Various gift cards, which I am quite excited about



-21 red roses  (from my parents guys, calm down)


-internet shoutouts

-several hilarious and heartwarming voicemails

-pumpkin pies


Thanks one and all!!! I apologize if I missed anything above, I am quite overwhelmed by all the love and am amazed at the absolutely appalling renditions of Happy Birthday so many talented people can come up with. If there is ever one song that everyone in the universe has a green light to trainwreck, it is Happy Birthday. And I love it.


Have a Fabulous, Frightening, and Fashionable Friday Night!




P.S. While I love having fun, delivering acerbic one-liners, and making light of situations I become quite irked when people do not respect the protocol of rehearsal. Time is valuable and irreplaceable, and everyone is giving of it. There is no one person in a cast superior to another (even if I joke about it all the time, because it is funny, I promise you I do not believe it). I was a veritable storm cloud yesterday evening at rehearsal, not because I dislike any people, but because the integrity of the rehearsal was being compromised due to the frivolity of the entire (myself, at times, included) cast. I love theatre, I love my cast-mates, and I love Grease, but I also love the productivity of an on-task, but fun, crunch-time rehearsal. Hell week is quickly approaching, and I will do my very best to act only in the interest of the show, and not in the interest of entertaining myself.



I don’t think that I am going to get to carve a pumpkin this October. Boo. 😦




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