What to do on a Snow Day?

I cannot remember the last time I had school off due to snow, and never in November, but I made sure to make the most of it (in fact, I still am!)

So let’s see, what did crazy Emilie do today?

1–I slept in until 8:00 am!!!

2–I made some lovely snowmen:

My intention had been to make some life-size zombie killer attack snowmen, a la Calvin & Hobbes, however this was much complicated by the fact that it was just too darn cold outside and the snow REFUSED to pack. The only way these mini-men came into existence was by me pouring water into the snow.


3–Like any other lovely younger sister I decided that as my brother is in Virginia, his snow sled was completely fair game. I used it for a while, and then went back to snowman making.

4–I waxed/plucked/trimmed my eyebrows and then naired the rest of my face but left it on too long due to number 5 (the result of which was a sort of temporary acid burn on my skin.)

5–I cut my own hair.

6–I put on copious amounts of makeup and went outside to have a snow photoshoot. This was also made much more difficult by the fact that I was both model and photographer.

As you can see, the results may have left a little something to be desired.

However, you will all be pleased to note that I have not had a single moment’s regret for my spontaneous hair cut (that nasty period acne, on the other hand…)

7–I went back inside and put my pajamas back on.

8–I scrubbed my bathroom (and removed all hairy/waxy traces).

9–I wrote my music history paper on Saul, was verfolgst du mich by Schultz.

10–I updated my blog (while praying furiously for another snow day tomorrow so that I can complete the other homework I neglected while doing the above.)

As a conclusion to part A of this post–snow days are heaven.


Part B of this post will begin with a declaration and will be followed by all sorts of goodies and exclamations, most of which are about how great or happy or relieved or whatever I am so if you don’t think you can sit through that feel free to bow out now. (Although if that were the case I don’t know why you would ever read my blog, since I am obsessed with myself…)

Declaration: I [think] I am finally, finally, finally over my bizarre self-esteem problems [mostly]!

I am beautiful! and talented!

I am!

and to prove it here are promised les choses:

1–Emily told me I was beautiful the other day and I said thank you without thinking or making a face or anything! (Kenickie as my witness, it happened.)

2–This media outlet called The Volcano (apparently a big deal to Oly/Tacoma/Seattle artsy types…or perhaps the big deal is that somebody actually reviewed us?) liked me. Review Here. This caused other problems as nobody else really appreciated the review…but I thought it was all kind of funny. (Oh…and did you catch that…BOMBSHELL!)

2B–Another review (hence why it didn’t get it’s own number even though it deserves one…mostly because I forgot that I was going to write about it until the end and I didn’t want to go back and change all of the numbers) the lovely Ron, brother of (and often mistaken for) the lovely Don came up to me after the second matinee of Grease. He introduced himself, I shook his hand, and then he proceeded to make my day. He complimented my performance, told me that I did something “quite different” in that I played a tough character, but I did so without “schticking” it up, I was real. He told me that I was wonderful, and talented, and that I continued to grow with every performance. I thanked him, humbled and delighted. Geoffrey told me that after the final show, Ron also talked to Geoffrey about me and told him that I was “Outstanding” and “Excellent” (I think that was the second adjective…maybe not.) Outstanding might be my new favorite compliment.

3–My size 12s are all so big as to be unwearable (including my costume pants which were constantly trying to fall off, but they were just fitting at fittings!)

4–I was cast as Beauty in Everyman and not at all in that other show. This excites me for two reasons: One, I will have tons of down time in which to do things like homework and gym time and opera scenes. Two: Beauty is, well, beautiful. I’m not really sure what that says to my acting skills, but at least the director thinks I’ll look good!

5–I didn’t wear a lot of makeup last week. And I didn’t feel ugly or hideous or like a gremlin (mostly). And people still complimented me and told me I looked nice. I slept over at Y’s place after the show Saturday because we had a matinee on Sunday, and after I washed off my makeup, got into my pajamas, I walked past her mirror and had to stop in amazement as I thought, “Man, I look beautiful!” Walking around in the dressing room for the past two weeks in my booty shorts probably didn’t hurt either…

6–On a subject other than my now believed in beauty, I was inducted into The Society of Fellows earlier last  week.

Yes, that red and white thing is a ribbon holding my very own medal.

7–On December 7th SMU is hosting a play reading which will feature two plays, one written my me. (That is, if I can ever pin down actors. I’m about to have a coronary.)

8–On December 8th is my and Ryan C’s junior recital. It will be lovely. I will be memorized. You’ll see. (Yes, Ryan did play Roger in Grease.)

9–I think I lost my beautiful knock-off water cup somewhere last week. I am a little sad (I did love the propeller straw) but it is almost perfect universe timing. Now, the overpriced Starbucks version has a new feature which immediately makes it worth the ridiculous price–candy cane straws!!! (If only I weren’t broke, I would have one now. When I get paid on the 30th, I think I might have to splurge. Unless somebody wants to get me the giantest(c) angela one for Christmas.

I think that is all that I have for you this frozen evening.

Have some special hot cocoa for me, as I’ve no ingredients to make it here.


A Beautiful, Bombshell, Outstanding, Excellent



8 thoughts on “What to do on a Snow Day?

  1. That review was written by that one actor Math teacher I had in Spring ’09 that I told you about… lol. He does all of the theatre reviews for that paper.

  2. Okay, so we lost our water cups in the same week! I bet they were stolen…this is just too much…and, you totally sold yourself short, the second adjective was BRILLIANT, not excellent. Just thought that all of your readers should know. You are BRILLIANT. And beautiful. And I love your poster. And I will read all three parts if need be.

  3. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL :). I love love love the make up look in the snow! I think you would be really good at beauty vlogs.. just sayin 🙂

    • Thank you so much. That’s interesting, I’d never thought about it. I had always been interested in branching out into vlogging….but I never considered beauty vlogs…

  4. Hey Emilie! I always enjoy hearing what’s going on in your life. 🙂 Anywho… this is me saying “HI!” and hoping that all continues to be well for you. Miss ya!

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