Sheen of silver, glamour of gold!

This past week was lovely, heavenly, jolly, and I am so glad that it is over.

Apparently I needed to take the six-day weekend (thank you snow and ice spirits!) to recover from my go-go-go lifestyle and get some energy juices flowing. Tuesday was a snow day as you know.

Wednesday was also a snow day. It was much the same as Tuesday, although I think I did even less (if that is possible). I did go through my vocal music (as I do every day) and my piano music, and that was about it.

I hope you are all aware that Thursday was Thanksgiving. My mother and I went to see Tangled, which was lovely.


There were some really touching moments.

Then we had dinner

Yes, that is the Turkey platter, no that is not my plate.

There was some wine.

I also quite like the chandelier in our dining room.

Friday was FAMILY DAY.

The Lofton family (my mother’s side) is quite…interesting. Boisterous, bubbly, at times cantankerous, my family is full of personalities. I quite enjoy them all.

One of my uncles had been planning a massive dinner, some sort of wine-drenched beef roast, roasted apples, sparkling water, and many many more items. He had been coordinating with all of the various family members for a while about this, and everyone had their parts to do. He was going to arrive at our house (we were hosting) at 10am to start cooking and dinner would be served promptly at 2pm. Well, just about 10am a knock was heard on the door, and in walked my aunt and two cousins.

And no uncle.

Eventually we found out that my uncle had developed food poisoning and was spending the day ill at home.

I feel horribly for him, and we were all sad to have missed seeing him, but I must admit that my Theatre Major soul was delighted at the irony of the situation.

So everyone else showed up around 1.

After 10 smoke alarms, just about every uncle being summoned at one time or other from the football room to assist in a ‘manly’ chore such as grilling asparagus or carving the roast (much to their chagrin), we all finally sat down and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at around 3:30pm.

Except for my sister and boyfriend who showed up after 6pm.

One of my Aunts and I were on a team playing a version of Trivial Pursuit which I am pretty sure was from the seventies and the following is an approximation of one of the rounds:

Hannah: Who was the singer who paid X amount as a ransom for his son?

Aunt B: Person, person, person, person

Hannah: No, no, no, no

Emilie: Random person from any time period, random person from any time period, random person who is not even a singer

Hannah: No, No, No

Aunt B: Other person, other person, yet another person

Hannah: No, No, No

Rmilie: Frank Sinatra

Aunt B: NO!

(EMILIE looks at HANNAH who nods in agreement.)

Emilie: Are you sure it isn’t Frank SInatra?

Aunt B: He didn’t have a son!

Hannah: Are you sure about that?

Aunt B: Yes!

(EMILIE looks at COUSIN A who also nods her head in encouragement.)

Emilie: How about…Frank Sinatra?

Aunt B: No, I am telling you, it is NOT Frank Sinatra!

(EMILIE looks at COUSIN J who just shakes his head and laughs.

Awkward pause.)

Emilie: I think we should go with Frank Sinatra.

Aunt B: (stares in exasperation and frustration) I know that Frank Sinatra did not have a son!

Emilie: Frank Sinatra?

Aunt B: (rolls eyes in disgust) Fine! Frank Sinatra!

Hannah: That is correct, Frank Sinatra!


Saturday: I am not certain what happened on this day, it was a blur. This may have been when I caught up on Glee and Gossip Girl. I also practiced voice and piano and looked at my flute music. Oh yes, my mother and I went to Lacey because I had a free ticket for a movie that expired and I refused to let it go to waste so we went and saw Morning Glory. I was doubtful (I don’t think the trailer was very good) but I had a great time.

Sunday: Today! Hmm, let us see… I spent too long on Facebook (my wall was blowing up!), I finished my laundry, my dad and I fixed my closet shelf, I rehung everything in my closet, I read about a hundred more pages in my book for Anthropology, I went to the gym, I sang at Compline, and now I am updating my blog. I feel so wonderful, and am so happy to be back on gym time.


That is all, goodnight.



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