Senioritis…it’s here

It is both frightening and beautiful to me how quickly time passes these days.

I still remember quite clearly first moving into Baran 303 by myself freshman year, living off of yogurt and trail mix for three days because the cafeteria wasn’t open and the makeup orientation didn’t provide all of our meals.

Now, here I am a week away from being done with my last undergraduate fall semester, and I don’t know where the time went.

On the one hand, I have grown exponentially over the last three years (mostly within the last 9 or so months) and the place where I am at in my life journey is so much more centered. I have completely changed my eating and exercise habits, my approaches to life, to stress, my entire way of thinking.

Some of you would be embarrassed to share the following, but I am not. The words exactly describe part of who I have become. I feel as though I may have quoted these lyrics before, but here are is a chorus from the friendly neighborhood JoBros. (I don’t agree with all of the lyrics in this song, but the chorus I do.)

Cause I know (I know, I know)
Wherever I go (I go, I go)
I know where I stand
I am what I am
Hey! Hey!
I am what I am
Hey! Hey!

(And, yes, I do think that I am a glowy and lovely and excited about life person to merit Hey! in a song applied to my life.)


On the other hand, I am so tired of busywork that I am ready to be done with school. One semester left! (How crazy is that?)


All of this has developed into a bit (a lot) of senioritis. The most recent form was me not writing my anthropology paper this weekend and instead watching Smallville. I seem to be focused on everything but my schoolwork. The end is so near that I almost feel as though I can skip the “inbetween”, but I can’t. Christmas break will be good for me.

Next week is finals week.

Tomorrow is my playreading.

Wednesday is my recital.

Thursday is the Christmas Cruise (my absolute favorite Choir event of all time).


It’s a whirlwind, but it is all so worth it.


This weekend, while becoming an expert homework avoider, I also cooked a lot.

I made crepes.

I made pumpkin soup.

I did not take a photo.


I made pizza.


Enjoy salivating.




6 thoughts on “Senioritis…it’s here

  1. I love the friendly neighborhood JoBros! 🙂

    Welcome to Senioritis, and be thankful you are taking it so well! I admire your spirit of optimism and perseverance in the face of academic apathy. I know you can do it! And have lots of fun on the Christmas Cruise singing to slightly less than sober people 😉

  2. i LOVE crepes!!!!! You just gave me the biggest craving for crepes…

    Congrats on a recital well-performed (I know it was fantastic!), and I hope you have a great winter holiday!

    ps at first I thought something was wrong with my eyes. Then I realized… it’s snowing on your blog! Howdjadoit?!

    • MMM I also love crepes.
      Thank you!
      I know, isn’t the snow the greatest?
      It is actually just a setting for WordPress, you can opt to have it snow starting every December the 1st. If I had it my way it would snow all year round…

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