Universal Laws

There are a few universal laws which, no matter how much one wishes to hope that they will not come true, always do.

Rule Number One:

1: If there is a vehicle which only has one key, at some inconvenient point or other that one key WILL get locked inside the vehicle–leaving you out in the cold cursing yourself, the vehicle’s actual owners (the parents) for not having an extra copy of the key. If you are really lucky you will also have left the dome light on displaying all of your belongings to the world,  right before an important event.


Rule Number Two:

2: The Inescapable Curse of Three–In the SMUsic department there is an interesting phenomenon that has been proved to be true many times this year. (As mentioned here) when a sickness comes to the St. Martin’s Community it will, eventually, sweep the entire music department. The freaky part–there is a definite order in which we voice majors go down. Number one gets the scout bug, and signals to us all that we should stock up on medicine, vitamins, herbal remedies, and old wives remedies (or whatever happens to be the newest, least chemical, most attractive alternative healing remedy: only the best for our vocal folds!) Well last week #1 was such a shining beacon that we all knew we were doomed. I knew I had about a week to go, but this concerned me as I had my vocal recital yesterday evening. For those of you who don’t know, I was deathly ill at my flute junior recital last year, and I was disappointed in the way it turned out. So when I saw #1 going home from school sick I was paralyzed with fear for a moment that my recital this year would go the way of the previous one. I watched #2 with wary eyes, checking for any symptoms. Sure enough, she soon began to complain of various symptoms, but she held off actual sickness for a few days. Then, the Monday before by recital, she officially declared that she was sick in Music History. I was horrified! I knew that this meant that within 24 hours my health would also begin to deteriorate (that is how connected we are). By the end of the day–a horrid sore throat.  At that moment I made an anxious bargain, “Please, please, please–I don’t care how much it hurts, as long as I can sing at my recital! Please! I can be sick after that–I can even be sick for the Christmas Cruise, but please let me be able to sing my recital!”

The next day my throat hurt even worse, but I could sing. Yesterday I felt like death and had a fever on and on–but I could sing. And my recital went really well. Today I woke up with a headache and all of the gunk up in my nasal passages–and I sound like a six-pack-a-day trucker. All I can say is–thanks for sticking to the bargain!


Rule Number Three:

3: Precognition cannot be ignored, refuted, or changed. I’m not crazy, I swear, but sometimes I predict the future. Call it ‘wisdom” call it “precognition”, it doesn’t matter. The point is sometimes I will just say that something will happen, without even thinking about it, and then sooner or later it happens. The event can be good or bad, but it will happen no matter what anyone tries to do. True, I might say that one person will do something, and then somebody else does it, but the point is that the event will happen. For example: On Tuesday, in the morning, I thought “I’m going to lock my keys in my car.” I double-checked to make sure that the keys were in my purse. Later in the day I went to the store, and each time I got in and out of my car at the various destinations, I checked to make sure my keys were in my purse. When I got back to the school, I had forgotten about the premonition, and got out of the car without checking. We all know how this one ended.

A while ago, I spent the night at Y’s after an event, and the next morning she brought oatmeal and a mug to school. I stopped and said, “Emily, you’re bringing that to school? You’re going to break it.” She just laughed. Then, at lunch, when reaching for a bag I accidentally brushed the side of the mug and then watched it topple over in slow motion, and then hit the hard floor–the handle breaking off and skittering across the hallway. So in this instance, I broke the mug, but the point is the mug broke.

Things like this happen all the time.




5 thoughts on “Universal Laws

    • Ah hah! But I did NOT make them happen.
      They just happened.
      I even tried to not make them happen, but they did anyway!

      Here is another example that sticks out: I was doing a drill down in high school and at one point I looked up and saw the name of the portable “E1” and I just knew that I would win the drill down. A minute later–I did. I couldn’t make the other people mess up, but they did anyway.

      As I continue to have these experiences I will document them for you (skeptic!) 🙂

      • I also believe you are capable of outperforming others. (:

        The idea that I’m getting at here is the same as one you learn if you are taught how to ride a motorcycle: don’t look at something that you don’t want to hit. If you instead look where you are going, it’s much easier to take evasive action.

        The rest of life is not so different from this.

  1. Emilie, YOU broke the mug. Not the Universe, not me, not your prediction, YOU did. It was not inevitable. Just the fact that I brought a mug to school and you didn’t like it didn’t mean that it would be broken. I have brought mugs to school with me countless times…

    I totally believe in precognition, but don’t use your kluzty mug breaking weirdness as an example.

    • It WAS inevitable.
      I couldn’t care less about you bringing a mug to school, I did not like or dislike it.

      Also, I take much offense at “klutzy mug breaking weirdness”.

      I am not a generally klutzy person, and I do not have a mug breaking weirdness. That particular mug just happened to get broken.

      You may either believe or disbelieve that the feeling of inescapable fate I get when pronouncing these things applied to the mug incident–it bothers me not.
      I know what I know and you know what you know and that is all.

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