Finals finals finals finals

Most of my friends finished up school this week, but my finals are not finished until next week.

I could not be more ready for them to occur.

Thus far I have taken my Literature and Diction Final, presented a term paper in that class as well, performed my flute and piano juries, given a vocal recital, and turned in several papers. (There was also a play reading of a play I’ve written, but that was not for a grade.)

I have yet to complete my computers final (but that will not take long).

Next week I will have an Anthropology final, and then a Music History final.

Oh yeah, and a choir final which consists of eating pizza. That one might be tough.


The point of all of this is–the fall semester is almost  concluded. This means many things:


2–Christmas break!

2a–Sewing time!

2b–reading time!

2c–writing time!

2d–crafting time!

2e–workout time!

2f–cat sitting time!

2g–sleeping time!

3–2011 is almost upon us.

4–My final semester as an undergraduate student will be here before I know it.


What are you looking forward to?



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