Here I am

I’ve been rather silent lately, but you must all know that it has been only for the best of reasons.

I’ve been baking for Christmas.

I’ve also been making a happy holiday outfit.

Last night was a lunar eclipse which only happens every few hundred years or so. Or at least that is what the news says.

There was such a heavy cloud base I couldn’t see a thing. Or, not see a thing?

There is attempt number one at about 11:45 pm.

Y randomly popped over to view the red moon with me. When there was no moon (or stars or satellites or planes) to be seen, we did a moon dance. It didn’t work. We decided to go back inside and have some midnight breakfast before going out again at what the news called “prime time”, 12:15.

This is what we saw:

Kind of a fail.

But rather hilarious.




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