Hello Final Semester

My final undergrad semester (whew! that still weirds me out) is two days gone, and I have now had the chance to attend all of my new classes. It’s going to be a lot of work (what’s new?) but I think that my courses are all going to be highly instructive, and most should be fun as well.

Here is the run down:

I’m taking all of the typical music courses I do every semester–Voice lessons, Flute lessons, choir, recital attendance.

I am also taking second semester of Music History, a class which I love thanks to the teaching of our beloved Dr. E.

This semester our Acting For Singers class is doing Die Fledermaus, somewhat abridged.

In this production I will be playing Prince Orlofsky. I am excited, I get to prance about with a horrid Russian accent and sing about vodka (or, as Crystal explains Orlofsky would say, Wodka, and champagne and how bored I am.) I am determined to embroider my princely costume as heavily as possible.

Also included in this course, kind of like a bonus gift with purchase, twice a week during the Acting For Singers class we will be doing Yoga for Singers led by the lovely yoga instructor who I took a few sessions from over the summer. Brilliant!

I will also be taking Shakespeare this semester, my final requirement for my Theatre major. It is taught by the same professor who taught Intro To Drama, and I really enjoyed that class so I am looking forward to this one.

In non-major news, I am also taking Chemistry in the Community (which is looking less like potions and more like going green) and European History. The latter class is the first, and I suppose the only, class I have ever taken from a monk. I am rather glad I did not escape SMU without this experience.It is also the only 8am class I’ve gotten stuck with. That is an experience I could have done without.   Did you know that the drive which takes me about 24 minutes at 8am to make, took me about 40 to make at 7am? Traffic, traffic, traffic.

Well, I’m at work right now reading all about “My Ecological Footprint” in Chapter 0 of our textbook. Chapter 0? What on earth….    Oh….I get it…it’s all about the Earth so they are using a zero as a circle to represent a planet. Or they just didn’t want to use the word “Introduction.” I don’t like having a chapter 0 to read out of. Chapters, like division, do not work with 0. I think I must be reading an imaginary number, I mean, chapter.

In addition to school I am still working the same jobs: The Belltower, Campus Ministry (well…sort of. We all have to reapply), Admissions Tour Guide, and Receptionist at the Priory.

I am not in the winter production (and boy am I grateful for the break in my schedule!), and I am in only a scene of Everyman so that will hopefully leave me plenty of time to practice my Sea Pictures cycle, prepare a flute recital, and workout. I’ve already practiced the past two days,  and I am going to the gym after work.

I was supposed to go to the gym last night too, but due to some technical difficulties I ended up doing the next best thing: going to Target and buying workout pants and booty shorts, and then buying a burrito bus burrito. Just as cleansing for the self as 1/2 hour weights, hour cardio, followed by a lengthy walk around the track, right?

Someday soon I will come up with an idea for a brilliant post, until then I guess you shall have to faithfully suffer through whatever I happen to word-vomit out. (Sorry…Shakespeare Prof mentioned Mean Girls today…)

I hope that carbon emissions have not ruined your evening,



One thought on “Hello Final Semester

  1. Hmmm…there were so many things that I intended to comment on…but now…they kind of escape me.

    Snow gods spurned work out attempt #2…but snuggling in bed with hot cider and reading your blog is just as cleansing as weights and cardio and walk, yes?

    And, we need more Target. Once we are graduated and have full time jobs, we may have to make it a weekly venture. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to justify it.

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