If you really love Christmas…come on and let it sno-ow!

You may all remember that I was having a really hard time feeling festive this past December, but last night I experienced a Christmas miracle. I felt that the only form jocular enough for my tale would be what I like to call “Greeting Card Poetry”.

No matter the rhyme

or the reason,

This year I was not feeling

the Christmas season.


When I went into work at the Priory

the world was cold and grey,

but not remarkable in any way.

When I came out of the Priory,

everything was coated in white.

All of a sudden,

it was a beautiful night!


The drive home was tortuously slow

because nobody could

drive in the snow.


The truck,

it would wobble

it was terribly unbalanced,

driving into the skid

became a remarkable talent!


At the end of the evening

the warm house in sight

The driveway proved too difficult

For my truck’s wimpy might


A phone call up above

a few minutes down below

when two giant vehicles

appeared equipped to tow


Suburban, car one,

was not up to the task

but mighty truck two

pulled me up fast


When I entered the house

I was grateful for being rescued

and was delighted to find

that I’d been imbued

a little late, it’s true

with Christmas Spirit

and a rather jolly mood


As if my horrible poem wasn’t enough, I have also created a video to illustrate just how jolly I am now feeling. It opens with me reciting my Hebrew spoken word solo from the Sacred Music concert (it means something about the snow and how pretty it is, I’ve forgotten the exact meaning) in the Priory parking lot. Can I just say that yellow is not my LX color? What happened to browns and pinks? Excuse me, can I get a gel on this street lamp please?

Then you will also get to see my beautiful footage of snow in the Priory parking lot, and the final shot is my truck getting pulled up the hill by the hefty truck with giant tires. Unfortunately I did not get video of the original failed towing attempt. I think you’re really going to enjoy this masterpiece:


Happy late Christmas, or very early

(let’s just enjoy the whole season, we’re not in a hurry)






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