Revisiting Myspace

Today you are extra lucky in that you get a second post from me. Some motherwort, a homemade caramel americano, and realization that my body is overwhelmed with healing and cycling (not the bike kind) made me feel a whole lot more positive about the future. I still have the same questions as earlier today, but am not so freaked out about them.

I needed to show a friend an old photo today on FB chat, but the only place it was stored was on myspace.

Has anyone been on myspace in ages?

It took quite a while to figure out my password/email combo, but once I did I was in for a real treat.

And also, as it happens, are you.

I will now take you on a tour of my myspace years, and you will get to see the best and the worst. Bad hair, horrible eye-brows, all sorts of levels on my weight journey, horrid outfits, fantastic myspace poses. I think you’re really going to enjoy this  (kudos–if people still do that–to those who lived through all of these phases with me, some of whom even took a good portion of these photos…I shudder to reminisce):

We will start with the classic myspace pose–may as well get that over with.

Then we have “natural beauty” shot (sans much makeup):

Took this one with my crappy video camera:

Here we have unfortunately overweight combined with unfortunate photoshopping combined with a Harry Potter costume to really make a winning segment:

The following is an assortment of pensive/emo/model fierce. Basically, these are my artistic myspace photos (some of which I still love quite fervently)

My orange hair days (yes, yes it was lovely for about a week until it faded.)

and, finally, let us close with two final, amazing, photoshop masterpieces!

(And for those of you wondering, the volume of the hair in the second photo is all me. The photoshopping would be the background and the Hairspray words. In case it wasn’t obvious.)

If you still have an ancient Myspace profile floating out there, I strongly recommend you go browse your old photos. It was a great humbling exercise, and brought back a lot of fun memories.

If you really want the whole experience, here’s the link to the page that time forgot:

Complete with some horrible old musical performances (thank god for the voice lessons I’ve had since then) and top whatever. Do you remember what a big deal it was to rate your top friends? I knew many a friendship which was strained to due to unjust placement in the top friends section of myspace.

What a great era.

Thank god we’re all on Facebook (for now).



3 thoughts on “Revisiting Myspace

  1. Top friends drama! Wowzers, glad I stayed out of myspace.

    The fact that you have your hand behind your head with your fingers peeking out from behind your hair a little elevates your classic myspace photo to such a level that I am at a loss for words.

  2. I still check mine every so often, I get lots of friend requests from really shady looking strangers, it warms my heart. I’m sad MySpace is deserted now, but I’m loving all the pictures you posted of yourself, especially the one in which you can see THE SHAG PAD. I’m at a loss for words in regards to you Harry Potter pictures, but I LOVE the ones we took on our photoshoot back in freshman year!!!

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