Driving a truck doesn’t make you white trash

I am sure most of you are aware that I drive my Father’s white Ford F150 pickup truck to school every day.

The gas is outrageous, and parking is annoying (although I am improving), but other than that I love driving the truck.

No AC, a tape deck, and lots of room on the bench seat for my various bags.

She’s a dream, really.

I’ve always preferred driving a manual (driving an automatic is just so boring, besides I want to shift gears when I feel like it) and riding high up off the ground makes me feel like I’m floating.

Also, I love swinging in and out of the truck in the mornings and evenings in a skirt and heels, occasionally catching people readjusting their impressions of me when they see me in the truck.

Imagine my horror and mortification when, upon getting out of my truck at the public library, I noticed that over the course of the day parked at SMU, someone had thrown their empty Red Bull can into the rock/gravel pile in  my truck bed!


Just take a look at this scandal!

What follows is an open letter to the unkind miscreant who felt the need to defile my mode of transportation:

Dear Sir or Madame:

I was caught off guard earlier this evening when I noticed an empty Red Bull can in my truck bed. I was, I must admit, offended at my vehicle being used as your waste receptacle. This action (the tossing of your can into my truck bed) may have seemed insignificant to you at the time, but I assure you your careless action was quite insulting. I would like to ask why you felt it necessary to utilize my car as a place to store your empty aluminum can? If you were intending on coming back for it, that was not wise planning as you had no idea what my schedule would be. If, as I believe is more likely to be true, you were intending to dispose of your can, why could you not do so in an authorized fashion? I will assume you do not believe in recycling as there are recycling bins in all of the buildings on campus. If the trash was your end desire, why could you not walk the extra 50 steps to the garbage cans conveniently located around the softball parking lot? There are also trash cans located on every single path on campus.

In addition to the general laziness that I must conjecture to be the reason for your action, I would like to know why, in particular, my vehicle was chosen? If you were going to wildly toss aside your empty can, you could have picked one of at least three other trucks in the lot or even the ground I suppose. But you did not. You chose my car. I must explain that the reason I am taking this particular can so hard is because I do not want anyone to be mislead into believing that I condone the consumption of energy drinks.   (basic info here and all over the internet) I personally believe that energy drinks are worse than coffee or other caffeinated or carbonated beverages because their marketing campaigns tend to highlight reckless behavior, last-chance bursts of hyper energy, and commercials often embody chauvinistic and even sometimes misogynistic behavior; also most people are not aware of all of the ingredients that go into their energy drink of choice.

Now I realize I may be incorrect in your motivation, but if so, can you blame me? The only other plausible explanation I can come up with is that you saw the gravel in my truck bed and confused this with the ground. This is rather far-fetched–and you should not be throwing your trash on the ground anyway–but I am trying to understand this from every possible viewpoint. I am not unreasonable, I think. Let me clear up your confusion. That gravel is in my truck bed for a few reasons. It was originally purchased to fill in potholes in the driveway at home, was used for that purpose, and is still intended for that purpose. This was done for the safety and comfort of everyone driving up our driveway (us, our neighbors, and all guests and service-folk like USPS, meter-monitors, etc). With the weather and passage of cars, gravel gets washed away and the same potholes will probably have to be filled again. You may not be aware of the workings of a pickup truck (as you obviously mistook the bed for the state-mandated trash bag every car must carry), but trucks are very front-heavy. With winter conditions, it is helpful to have some weight in the back of the truck in order to maintain even distribution. I am certain that this gravel was a contributing factor to my safe commute home the other week when we had that freak snow.

Perhaps, in the future, you will think about your environment and your own personal health and either refrain from drinking energy drinks, or at least disposing of their containers in a kind and appropriate manner. From one SAINT to another,  I hope that this letter will illustrate to you how you may be affecting others by even your most simple actions. I am happy to inform you that I took the can home and recycled it.

I hope that the person who did this reads my letter and changes their actions, for I would hate for someone else to have to experience such a heart-breaking ordeal at the end of a long, jaw-pained day.

The worst part about the whole thing? Having a Red Bull can in my truck bed does look make me look white trash.

Such a misrepresentation!



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