Is this me?

Today was a perfect example of how much I’ve changed since this blog started.

I got to work a little late–no one cared. I spent work supporting sports by coloring in giant numbers with a Sharpie (which coincidentally distracted me from jaw pain for an hour).

I had half a chocolate malt at lunch, on Y’s whim.

I forgot to return my Professor’s notes. She didn’t care.

I did an hour of yoga.

I sang for a couple of hours.

I worked out at the gym for two hours.

I laughed a lot.

I went home and tracked all of the food and exercise on my ipod. Now I’m going to go start this meditation challenge, take a shower, and go to bed.


Who knew I would end up a girl who loves to exercise, who loves to eat well in general but has no problem indulging in some chocolate, who talks about things like tracking menstrual cycles and primordial meditation in the same conversation (while in the middle of the gym), and who can go from fashion plate to sweaty mess within hours and love all of it?

This has been a long journey of loosening up, letting go, and finding me.

This journey is ongoing.

You want to know what else?

This journey is really, really fun.




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