Essentially Three Months

Classes will be all over in essentially three months.

Some days this seems to be far too far away.

Then I remember…oh, that’s really soon!

I got in the graduating mood today, when my official Chickasaw Nation High Honors stole arrived in the mail. I have to get it approved by the graduation committee (whoever they are) but I’m really stoked.

Yes, those are real feathers.

Be jealous.


I’ve embarked on a 21-day guided meditation challenge, and so far its been delightful. I missed the links to the first couple so had to double up on two days in order to catch up, but now I am right on track. This has come at the perfect time; I’ve been struggling a lot for peace the past week or so.


I’ve started writing down my dreams. I keep a spiral right next to my bed, and immediately upon awakening I write my dreams down. May I just say, my dreams are incredibly vivid and they continue to get more so? Sometimes I wake up disoriented because everything seems so real when I am sleeping. Two days ago it took me a half hour to write everything down. I may need to adjust my wake time accordingly. I shudder to do this as I already get up at 6am every day anyway.


The oral surgeon at the follow-up appointment said, “Oh, they’re healing really well”   “Good patient!”  “Keep rinsing” “I don’t need to see you again, goodbye.” That was all he said.


I am really in love with my vocal music this semester.

For NATS I will be performing:

Classical—Amorosi Miei Giorni, A Cantar A Una Nina, Where Corals Lie

Musical Theatre–But Not For Me (Girl Crazy), Getting to Know You (King & I), Last Midnight (Into The Woods–my all time favorite song in my all time favorite musical)

(P.S. I’m starting to sound pretty good!

P.P.S. I’m going to have a blast as Orlofsky in Die Fledermaus)


The antibiotics I was on were messing with my digestive system and made me gain a little bit of weight suddenly. Now that they are done (why did I have to take sooo many?) things are finally returning to normal (thank goodness!) and I am starting to look my new normal again.

Click Here for an update to my Healthy Me page where I show you the progress I have made on the weight loss road.

Of course, I’ve still a ways to go, but I am quite proud of what I have done so far. Slow and steady makes for permanent loss.


I’d be tickled pink if you had a lovely evening, on me.




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