February–The Month of Paper Hearts

In honor of the month of February (the month which features that day loved by some, abhorred by others, and ignored by the rest) I am going to post all things scrumdiliumptiously lovely in this post. Just because I seem to be a living-walking-breathing Man-Repeller doesn’t mean I cannot indulge in the frilly side of this month all on my own. I hope you’re ready for something much more frivolous than usual–

*after writing the above, this post turned into more of a single-girl’s fest, but enjoy all the same.

So Category Number One: Delicious Man Candy

1) In honor of the return of one of my favorite shows tomorrow for the second half of its final season, let’s honor the star, and heroic hottie, of Smallville–Tom Welling

(Why yes, this photo does happen to be my current desktop background.)

2) This man started out as simply adorable in 3rd Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You, before graduating to genuine heartthrob. He also plays my favorite character in a movie I quite like which makes me think of the Valentine holiday, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Yes, I’m talking about you, dreamy Justin Long.

4) As long as we are talking about Smallville (and of course I am! Tomorrow night, 8pm! the CW!) let’s not pass over the other resident romantic lead, Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. Or, should I say, Justin Hartley?

(I thought a shirtless pic would be a bit overboard, but it would have been lovely…)

5) I thought I’d finish up this category with the Trifecta: Three men we’ve all seen start out as young and adorable, grow to adorable and awkward, to really awkward, and then all of a sudden jump up into the drool category. Of course I can be talking of none other than the three Harry Potter men: Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Tom Felton.

Let’s move on to category number two:Angsty Music for Girls with no Valentine

1) Number one is a two-fer, as they are by the same group. I know you all remember at least the first song, I still hear it played on the radio occasionally. Forget the verses, if there ever was a sing-along-while-eating-ice-cream-and-sobbing chorus, it would be to the first song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer. Number two I always turned on when feeling particularly depressed, and the first line was enough to cheer me up. “Anything” also by Sixpence. It’s not so much about romance, but artistic integrity. And stuff…

2) Some people will roll their eyes, but I think that some girls (no matter how strong they are) like to hear this: Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars. Of course, by the end of the song, the single girl is mad no man is telling her this, and mad that she feels like she wants a guy to tell her this, and she will probably have to go back to number one…

3) I don’t know about you, but ‘”I Do Not Hook Up” by Kelly Clarkson is always enough to put me into the single mood. What kind of world do we live in, that as women we have to yell out this message over a loud rock beat in order to get it across?

4) One of my musical theatre songs this semester is actually kind of perfect for this post: “But Not For Me” from Girl Crazy. “They’re writing songs of love, but not for me” what single woman doesn’t love those lyrics?

5) And for all those “Hell hath no fury”ers out there, let’s close up with the one and only P!nk’s “So What”

(it’s worth sitting through the commercial for this video. I can only hope that if I ever have a relationship end badly I too will feel compelled to drive down the street, stopping traffic, in a John Deere. Warning: towards the end there are less clothes and more feathers…)

Category Three: Things to Do With Paper

1) Make a paper heart chain a la

2) Make a rose tree! (Who says you need a significant other to have some roses on Valentine’s? The best part? Works at all times of the year!)


3) Make a lovely Martha heart-hanging:

4) You can BURN/RIP/MUTILATE/CRINKLE/SHAPE/FOLD/CUT/SHRED/CURL (and write on) PAPER! The sky’s the limit here.  Oh, yeah, and you could use paper to create Valentine’s cards, Valentine-Protest signs, and invitations to non-couple themed events. While you’re at it, you could invite me!

5) Paper can be used to write letters. Important letters.

Like the one Darcy wrote to Elizabeth explaining his actions, without which Elizabeth would never have fallen in love with him.

Or like the one that Romeo never got, telling him Juliet was not dead. That was an important letter too.

Letters can be sent to political representatives. To Friends. To Enemies. To Frienemies.

Letters can be written to the self.

Hand written letters are all but obsolete these days.

I think we should fix this.

Final Category: Movies to be especially enjoyed in the month of February from my own, personal, dvd shelf.

1) I’ve already mentioned it, so let’s just go ahead and list “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

2) Let’s lump these two classics into one number here, so we don’t have to deal with them individually. If you don’t know these movies, then google them. And don’t admit that you had to.

The Princess Bride/Pride and Prejudice (BBC first, Keira Knightly second)

3) A fun look at love, and attempts to avoid it: Down With Love.

(Features fun period costumes, witty dialogue rife with innuendos fitting the theme of the film, and really hot men one of which sings at the end. The trailer only gives you a hint.)

4) Completely heartbreaking. Completely wonderful. Far and Away. Yes, it’s a bit heavy for the month, but who says February has to be all about levity?

5) Talking of hot men singing, and hot men not singing, let’s all sit down and enjoy Enchanted together!

5.5) The first twenty minutes of the movie Up get their own half-mention here as the most lovely, delightful, and HEARTBREAKING ANIMATED FILM EVER! (I don’t actually own this film, but I hope to someday.)

6) And, as a bonus, the film which makes my previous statement a lie. Luckily, it ends happily (unlike the Ballet which is featured in Black Swan) but for a few minutes there in the beginning, with the king lying in the wet road and Odette missing, I cry every time. The Swan Princess, NOT a Disney movie. (I couldn’t find the real trailer on Youtube, so here’s the first ten minutes instead.)

I hope that you have a fun, frilly, frivolous, fashion-savvy, friendly, February.

Think of me.

Drink some champagne (if you’re of age.)

Have a bubble bath.

Wear those heels and dresses.

Wear ties, or at least a jewel-tone button-up.

Make some paper crafts, and share with me what you do!

I will share any I make with you.



P.S. MOST IMPORTANTLY–Watch Smallville.

P.P.S. I’m not really a man-repeller, although I used to think that. In fact, yesterday, I had about six random men I’d never seen before stop walking, smile, and say hello to me. The other day at the gym there was a guy who watched BOTH me and my workout buddy the whole time he was there. This is freaking me out, readers, but I guess it’s all a side effect of getting skinny! (And excellent training for any paparazzi that may dog me later in life.) I’m not particularly interested at the moment, but it’s fun to be noticed.

P.P.P.S. Term man-repeller stuck in my head because of link to THIS blog shown me by Y.

5 thoughts on “February–The Month of Paper Hearts

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  3. I love the new layout! This post made me smile. I’ve always ignored Valentine’s Day, even when in a relationship. I do love pink and frills though, so I may just have to reconsider.

  4. Radcliffe drives an ice-cream truck. There’s no punchline to the joke, I just think it’s interesting. Perhaps it’s really the start to a supply-your-own joke?

    As to papercrafts, there’s a few really neat tutorials online that will tell you how to make paper flowers. They can be really lovely and beat plastic ones any day.

    • No, no, it is Rupert Grint who drives the ice-cream truck. Which I find to be adorable. And possible fodder for millions of jokes.
      I agree–I remember when you spent all that time making those money flowers (and was there chocolate in them, or am I confusing that with another project?) and they were absolutely beautiful when finished.

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