Time for a change of pace.

If my last post was grossing you out as much as it was me, then you will enjoy this little update.

Today, I would like to give thanks because:

1) I wore my giant sunglasses for the first time in 2011 today. Yes, it was cold out, but it  was also very sunny when I drove from St. Martin’s to the public library;  for all 3 minutes of being on the road I wore those glasses! Do you all remember how I swore up and down that I looked horrible in giant glasses and couldn’t pull them off? I have since decided that this is ridiculous, and I now promise that every moment in this year that there seems to be a peep of sun (and I am outside) I will be wearing my giant glasses.


2) I had a very successful master class today. I’ve only sung in a couple at my time at SMU, and none of them have ever gone very well. Today, even though the start was hampered by a bit of dry-mouth (seriously sitting for an hour and a half before singing is not the best thing for me…of course I’m sure it’s really a mental thing but I will figure it out) it ended very well. The fixes Dr. G L gave me helped a lot in lesson and I am sure I will use them for the next month before moving on to some other technique. Also, I’m just sounding better and better. There were times when I had given up hope, but those days are over. Because, I love to Sinnnnnngggggggg!

Also, for those of you I have not shouted this to in merry abandon, I will be singing “Last Midnight” from Into The Woods at NATS this year. For anyone not familiar with Sondheim….his songs are beasts. Getting my notes alone is no problem–with the piano, a lot tougher. My accompanist and I spent a lot of time this weekend working on coming in on the exact right pitches, and I have since spent much time in the practice rooms playing Sondheim Sneak Attack. This fun little game consists of me working through my other music and then, in the middle of a phrase, or at a good place to break, whipping the pages in my binder over to “Last Midnight”, playing the piano intro, and coming in on the correct pitches exactly. Then I go back to whatever I was doing before. This seems to have helped a lot because today in my lesson I came in on (and stayed on) all the right pitches in the beginning and all the subsequent leading tones (going to modulations.) Plus, it’s kind of fun.

3) Two lovely ladies, Sr. M and Sr. M, both coming in at completely different times during my shift at work this evening to tell me just how skinny and good I was looking. The first also told me I always look great, and the second that she admired my journey. This made me feel lovely, and was perfect reaffirmation–most unexpected as well! Isn’t it great the things that come when we aren’t even actively looking for them?

4) I finished my Chemistry homework at work. Does anybody else think balancing equations is really fun? It’s my new favorite thing.

5) My other new favorite thing (I take no claim for finding this but I wanted to spread the wealth–thanks Brother Jo–basically made my day with this vid, and the other) is THIS:

catch the live version here:


6) Also…I just don’t even know what to say about this. Man Falsely Puts Wife on Terrorist Watch List

7) I mention him a lot, I’ll probably continue to do so. He’s just pretty funny, and my kind of people (or so I like to think. I’ve never met the man. ) It’s been around for years, but check out this little goody on Neil Gaiman’s blog.


I really ought to be studying for European History right now, but I think perhaps I will go to bed soon and look at the material in the morning instead. Not the most well-laid of plans, but my work ethic is shot for the night.

Enjoy Monday, because there’s not much left of it.



P.S. How is it that wearing my normal glasses in public makes me feel tunnel-visiony and frumpy whereas wearing my sunglasses makes me feel stylish and too-cool-for-you?

P.P.S. Count of strange men I’ve never seen before stopping and smiling at me and saying hello and watching me walk away for a second before moving on with their empty lives: 4


(And I was only out of the Kreielsh–where only music students go, and the Priory–where only nuns live for about 10 minutes today. This is getting scary folks. But I like it.)

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