Three-Day Weekends are Like a Hole in Time…

This weekend I have done many things.

Very few of which pertained to school.

I am guessing that I will be a little behind tomorrow, but to be honest I do not particularly care.

Anybody else as ready for graduation as I am?


Friday night I did NOT go to Homecoming, but Y and I went and saw The Roommate. I ate a couple handfuls of candy. I felt horrible afterward (because of the candy). The movie was totally horrible (completely worth the student-discount admission price) and quite possibly the best decision I have made recently.

Saturday I tidied up, did most of my laundry, and looked absolutely adorable while cleaning with hot rollers in my hair.

See? Told ya!

After that I tripped off to my accompanist session in which I discovered that all of my NATS pieces but one are memorized, and the lyrics to my spanish piece are fixed. I also discovered there are still a couple of section in the Sondheim which are not quite right yet. Finally I went over to the apartment I was to sit, sent off the inhabitants (in a friendly, “have a good trip” way, not a weird “get out of your own home” way) and settled in. I was pretty bad. I ate some cookies and ice cream, and watched the rest of Dexter.

Sunday I went to work at the Priory where I got a lot of reading done, there were delicious blueberry muffins, a lovely old lady said I was beautiful, and a volunteer told me everyone expected great things of me. There was also a squirrel hanging out on St. Placid’s head, and the old curmudgeon Honey man left a giant jug of honey, brusquely demanded a piece of paper and tape, then cursed at the tape dispenser, asked me where I found such a tiny piece of s***, and then stormed off muttering obscenities under his breath about ten minutes before morning praise. I love the Honey Man.

After work, at 6, I went to the Rec Center for an hour of cardio. Can I just say thanks again to Angela for the ipod? Having my own music makes cardio go by in no time, as does a book. I would also like to point out that while it is cinch to read a book on a stationary bike, reading one on an elliptical is much more difficult. One has to get used to ferreting out the words in between the bouncing up and down… Eventually I minimized the bouncing, and I feel as though the newer machines might be better than the older (but I needed to use the back row against the wall due to some slightly-noticeable panty lines) but I was still able to read. A slight side effect of being so caught up in my music and book is that I didn’t really notice the actual gym around me and when I finished my workout it was completely deserted except for one other girl. I guess most college kids have other things to do at 7:30 on a three-day weekend.

Today I’ve been watching Season One of Bones on Netflix. I really like the show, and I’ve also been interested to see that there is a lot of social commentary embedded in the show. (Speaking of embedded commentary–anybody else notice the statement about the TSA in the recent season of Dexter?)

I’ve also done some Belltower writing, some reading, and no homework. This is unfortunate as I have a paper due Wednesday as well as Chem homework, and I need to practice my flute. I think I will do this when I return home this weekend, and for now continue with Bones. Everybody deserves a little vacation, right?


Also, another giant thank you goes out to Angela for giving me several shirts  and a pair of pants and a lovely jacket and some sweaters! She saw my SOS in my last blog post and delivered me from the land of no clothing.


See you all tomorrow.



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