It’s March and I got paid!

First off, I would like to give a giant welcome to the month of March! February was just a little bit meh for me, I am hoping that March will be delightful. (Also, I feel like I just wrote that silly Valentine’s post, I cannot believe it’s a whole new month!)

In addition to no longer being the month of marketed love, today also heralded another wonderful occasion–I got paid! You’ve no idea how nice it is to have more than $30 in my bank account. Not a lot more, but more.

For the past month and a half I have been subsisting off of way too orange foundation, partially-dried up mascara, and the dregs of my dandruff shampoo. I’ve been rationing. I’ve been miserable.

Today I decided that I could no longer go another day frantically hoping I wouldn’t have orange streaks and an orange line around my jaw. I put my foot down! It was time to have new foundation.

Now, one day when I am graduated from college and I have a grown-up job I will be able to consistently buy quality products, like the foundation I really wanted to buy:

But unfortunately I just cannot justify $24 foundation right now. I decided to do something I abhor–attempt, once again, to find a drugstore foundation which doesn’t make me look like an oompa loompa.

I’ve tried just about every drugstore brand under the sun before, always buying the lightest color, but they were never light enough and the undertones were always way off. Today, however, I was met with a slight surprise. There were two foundations that looked as though I wouldn’t receive a Jersey glow from using them. I wasn’t sure which one would match better, so I bought the $6 bottle instead of the $10 bottle. I may come to regret this decision but we shall see. It looks as though CoverGirl and Revlon have both updated their lines, adding lighter colors with neutral and blue undertones, instead of yellow. Here’s what I ended up with:

The CoverGirl was the lightest of the multiple orange ones I had at home, but this newer version of “ivory” seemed to have a more neutral undertone, and be a little lighter. I’ve taken a comparison photo, but it is hard to tell. In real life, the colors are a little more different than they appear in the photo.

I will let you know how this goes.

I was quite happy with my mascara, except for the fact that it was too old. But since I compromised by buying cheap foundation I decided to splurge a little by buying black mascara instead of a deep black-brown which is what I bought last time. As long as I was in the beauty department, I picked up some Q-tips and some dandruff shampoo as I could no longer scrape any more out of my old bottle.

Next I headed over to the shoe department, hoping to find some heel replacements for my many shoes which have been decommissioned by the dastardly gravel outside the Kreielsh. My boots I will get fixed at the shoe shop, but my cheap heels I will fix at home. Besides, there’s still another two months for the tips to get ripped off again.

Then, as long as I was at heavenly Target, it was only sensible for me to check out their clearance clothing racks. Right? Right! Well, as the universe would have it, I found $6 jeans and snatched them up to hold me over until I am officially one more size down. These twelves were too big in some places, but the size 10s were just a tad not right yet. I decided that $6 was well worth a pair of pants, even if I only wear them for a few weeks.

They do need to be hemmed about four inches, or cuffed? I’m undecided.

All of these items I purchased today totaled $32, and that is only eight dollars more than the foundation I dream of owning (not counting tax). All in all, a good compromise (especially because I would have bought all of these things on top of the foundation anyway).

Expensive makeup is for people with grownup jobs.

Or something….

Happy March 1st, and goodnight to all!

I love Target.



One thought on “It’s March and I got paid!

  1. Yay! Go you! I love bargain shopping! Especially on makeup! And drugstore makeup truly is my specialty! 🙂 I whole heartedly recommend revlon colorstay foundation! it’s seriously the BEST stuff around. Period.

    Also if you’re looking for a cheap primer alternative to this:

    Get this:

    Same ingredients. I kid you not. 🙂

    Happy makeup buying! 🙂 And anytime you want to discuss makeup- I’m your girl!

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