My shelves are hard-put to contain my bourgeoning library…

Saturday was my last SMU NATS. Classical went well, half of Musical Theatre was great, the other half not so much.

I know exactly why it sucked, and that is frustrating, but ok.

I had a lovely day, which ended in fajitas, a chocolate malt, and a horror movie with Renee Zellweger in which Jodele Ferland is possessed by a demon.

My mother rented it, not realizing what it was.

Surprisingly, she watched the whole thing.

My dad left after the scene of hundreds of hornets climbing out of a man’s ear.

I loved it.

Before turning the movie on:

Dad: Hon, you got a horror movie?

Mom: What? No, no I didn’t. It’s about a social worker.

Emilie: Mom, the case says it’s a horror movie.

Mom: What? No way. No it’s not.

Dad: laughs Well, I guess we’ll find out.

(Ten minutes pass)

All: Yep, it’s definitely a horror movie.


Today I had a mini-flute recital at my flute instructor’s home in preparation for flute adjudications, which are next Saturday. The recital was originally going to be last weekend, but it was postponed due to the snowstorm. It went very well, and I got punch and a cookie out of the deal. On my way home I was on autopilot and got on the freeway headed toward SMU instead toward Shelton, so I decided that while I was there I might as well stop in at Barnes & Noble. I browsed for an hour, taking note of titles I wanted on my ipod, and then headed home. I didn’t buy anything, but I have an idea of a few books to look out for.

The price in books has gone up.

I cleaned my room and bathroom. I also, per request, vacuumed the downstairs.

My mother has been complaining for a while because a box (or three) of my books were still in the basement. Today I decided would be the day to finally bring them up. I’d forgotten just how many books were still downstairs.

I ended up having to completely rearrange all of my shelves and change some of my classifications, and remove my binders and spirals from the shelf I had brought up precisely to hold my binders and spirals. After a couple of hours I got all of my books onto two 6′ bookshelves, and two 4′ bookshelves. My clean floor is now littered with binders and spirals and other items that got dislodged from the shelves, and now there are tons of books which have not been put into my computer catalog. That will be a lot more work.

It’s all worth it though, I love books.

On the subject of loving books, over the past couple of years I have had very little time to read due to school. You all know how busy I am, yadda yadda yadda. If I got a free moment or two I felt guilty reading, like I ought to be practicing or writing or something.

This Christmas my philosophy changed for the better.

My brother (for my birthday, actually) gave me the latest Wheel of Time book, Towers of Midnight, but it had been so long since I’d read them (five years at least) I decided to re-read the whole series before reading my new book. So ever since winter break in whatever spare time I get I’ve been trudging through the Wheel of Time series, and I’ve been shocked at how much more calm and rested I feel since I’ve begun daily reading again.

If you knew me in high school or earlier, you know I was never anywhere without a book in my bag. I even read while walking places (that, by the way, is a serious skill).  I gave this habit up for three years, but I am over it. I am back to reading whenever I can. Anything I can. It is just so relaxing, and a definite escape.It may appear to certain showy ego-enslaved folks that I am “wasting” my hour breaks, but little do they know I am actually recharging and getting the energy needed for me to be more productive later in the day.

Well, I told the internet world I was going to bed 50 minutes ago, and I am practically falling asleep over my laptop so I suppose I ought to actually do as I said I would.

Goodnight and happy reading,



2 thoughts on “My shelves are hard-put to contain my bourgeoning library…

  1. If you buy stuff at Barnes & Noble, give them my cell number when they ask if you have a membership at the counter =) You will get my discount.

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