Inescapable. Also “the internal nod”

The time has come for me to turn in job applications. I probably should have started a little earlier, but I am going to be starting this Sunday and continue on through Spring break (and, of course, until I secure post-graduation employment.)

This is crazy, and scary.

A for real, all-day long job.

I need to get searching!

I need to make my resume presentable, learn this whole cover letter thing, and get references straightened out.

If you hear of anything I could do, I’d appreciate it if you could send it my way!


Many days ago (about a year or so) the free Amazon mp3 download for the day was “Pitter-Pat” by Erin McCarley.

I loved the song and decided to buy the album. I was also downloading a couple free samplers from Amazon, and some weird glitch occurred with my computer in which the download got halted, and then when I went back to finish it had timed out and stated that my album had been downloaded but the files were corrupted. I tried to fix it with Amazon but it was never resolved, and since then I’ve spent a year wanting the cd but refusing to re-buy it. Well, I’m not sure why, but today was the day when I finally caved and purchased it again. This time it downloaded without issue.

I recommend this album.

I quite like it.


The Internal Nod

The St. Martin’s community has always puzzled me a little–as a whole, the students here dress horribly. Sweats and athletic clothes (on non-athletes) and even pajamas are just as common as jeans and a top. It makes the campus feel very “high school” and brings the general appearance age average down by a couple of years. Our campus looks younger than other campuses I’ve been to partly because of how the students dress.

There are several sharp-dressing students, they are simply the minority.

The best part about these students is that they notice the other well dressed students and give them “the internal nod” or the mental nod of approval.

All of the snappy dressers take note of the other snappy dressers, and look for them around campus. Kindred spirits, and all that.

Does this phenomenon occur on your campus or in your workplace?

Or do you disagree with me?


Now I really must get back to Shakespeare, Moliere, and Chemistry.





One thought on “Inescapable. Also “the internal nod”

  1. You should come with me to school at USD when you visit–there are a few pajama-wearers here and there, but on the whole, people present themselves pretty well. Granted, Fashion Valley is literally right around the corner… 😉

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