Crikey! It’s a job hunt!


I am writing to you from deep within one of the most exciting and frightening places on earth–the job-hunt jungle.

This world is vast, frantic, and one misstep can lead you down a path you will regret forever.

On the other hand, get to know the lay of the land, learn how to deal with the wildlife, and you can take the crown from Tarzan.

I am not there yet.

I’ve barely passed the tree line.

Some observations I’ve already made at the beginning of this expedition:

1–I do not mind doing routine clerical work, but I really want to do it for a company that interests me (as in a Theatre company or a publishing house or a domestic diva conglomerate). I am applying for State jobs and local companies, but as long as I am putting myself out there I am going to apply for the dream jobs as well (the ones that I qualify for.)

2–You probably know by now that my smart, logical plan has been to work here for a year or a few years saving money so that when I make the transition to the East Coast I will have funds saved up for moving costs, a few month’s rent, and school payments while searching for a new job over there. I would also use this time to continue taking voice lessons and see where that leads. The more I think about spending this time planning for my life, the more I really really don’t want to. This has been a recent development over the past week or so, but it keeps getting stronger and stronger. Every time I find a job I actually want and am qualified for, I look through the application and it somehow manages to be located in NYC.  I have no idea what is going to happen this next year, but I am not saying no to any possibilities.

3–There is so much information out there–on the internet, in the newspapers, on job-searching websites that I am a little overwhelmed. Where do I even begin? I know that I am highly employable and that I do stellar work, but how can I show perspective employers this?

I’ve also had a slight debate with myself over this lovely world; my personal blog. I have some friends who have made their blogs invite-only, and others who have deleted theirs completely in preparation for the great job hunt. I have to admit I’ve thought about it. Other sacrifices have been made–my singing voice mail has been replaced with a spoken message, and I finally got around to figuring out what my ancient Myspace emails and passwords were (yes, I did have a music profile in addition to the real one–yes, it was awful) so that I could officially delete the dead accounts.  No matter how much more professional it might make me appear, I cannot bring myself to make this blog private.

My blog has become such a huge part of my life, such an extension of myself, that I feel it would be disingenuous to mask this part of my online presence to any online pilgrim.  Will this hurt my search? It is possible. But I suppose it could also help, depending on the company and position.  Either way I am not, at this point, willing to close my blog up to transient internet-goers.


Spring break is drawing to a close, and as usual, I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked to. I did have a lovely time doing homework, cleaning, watching online tv, preparing a resume, and job searching.

We have tomorrow off for St. Benedict’s day, but I have a flute lesson followed by a set-building session for Die Fledermaus.

I am getting more and more excited about finding full-time employment, and this is making it a little difficult for me to enjoy the prospect of returning to school on Tuesday. I enjoy school, but with graduation so near (48 days) I am having a hard time focusing on the present. I will attempt to reevaluate and work up some enthusiasm for the next two months.



One thought on “Crikey! It’s a job hunt!

  1. You know how I feel about MySpace–I’m upset now. But I get it. I have deleted my Facebook account several times, had numerous LiveJournals, a couple blogs, Twitters….but I cannot bring myself to get rid of my MySpace, its just too nostalgic.

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