Enchanting Sunshine makes me happy–makes others uncomfortable.

Every day for the past week at least one person a day has accused me of being really happy.

Of being too happy.

I am not certain what too happy means, but it is true that I am happy.

I am filled with joy.

I am gifted with the ability to see the humor in every situation, which can at times lead to me laughing at highly inappropriate moments.


Lately Happenings:

1–I chose my song for the Hope concert. I think I will officially be one of the most adorable things ever.

I am singing True Love’s Kiss, from Enchanted.  Yes, you are free to giggle in giddy abandon.

2–A friend from high school got married yesterday and for it my ex-roomie flew up from California. I got to spend some time with her and A, and there were miniature cupcakes at the wedding. They were delicious.

3–Today I attended the Capital Food and Wine Festival (on the grace of friends as the festival does not accept checks). I got a lovely beer glass, fuzzy dice, hand sanitizer, several coasters, a wine cork, and a sweet pen. All in all, a definite victory. Oh, I also tried wine and beer and some food. Look for my review in the next Belltower issue.

4–There is a concert tomorrow, for which I must complete my Orlofsky pants. (Otherwise I will be going pants-less and that will completely destroy any suspension of disbelief, as Orlofsky is a man and I am most definitely not.)

5–On Friday there was brilliant sunshine during my lunch hour so I drug a chair out of the Kreielsh and did my Chemistry homework while soaking up the sun and wearing sunglasses. By the time I got out of school by 5:30 it was raining.

6–I am composing an avant garde sing/speak song for my Shakespeare class. It will be spectacular.

7–I finally heard Adele’s 21 cd. It is fabulous, and I have been listening non-stop for two days now.

Drinking water out of my beer glass,



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